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Intelligent Infrastructure

More than Just Standard Infrastructure

Experience Different!

All vendors claim the same benefits, yet not every experience is the same.

Intelligent Infrastructure from Tintri is different and is best understood by experiencing it for yourself.

Unique Value

Intelligent Infrastructure saves you up to 95% of your time.


Technology, design, deployment, and support all working in concert to deliver positive business impact.


Deep domain expertise, with 20 years of simplifying the complex and making the unthinkable a reality.

Self Service

Solutions and capabilities designed to grow with your needs.


Systems developed for access, sharing, and consolidation on premises or in multi-cloud environments.

Who We Are

More than Just Standard Infrastructure

Tintri’s AI-enabled Intelligent Infrastructure delivers unique outcomes in enterprise data centers. Thousands of Tintri customers have saved millions of management hours using Tintri. Chose differently, the choice is yours.

Our Customers

Read about how our customers achieved an exceptional user experience through new levels of efficiency, simplicity, and cost savings. Learn how a fresh, simplified experience with Intelligent Infrastructure rapidly transformed not only their data center, but their businesses’ responsiveness and success.

Our Partners

Our Intelligent Infrastructure delivers a different experience for enterprise IT, and our partners deliver that technology as a solution to customers.

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