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VMstore T7000 Series

On-prem VMstore platform.

Tintri Cloud Engine

Container-driven VMstore platform.

Tintri Cloud Platform

Managed infrastructure powered by Tintri.

Peer Reviews

VMstore is purpose-built to store and manage both virtual machines and databases. It features AI-driven autonomous operations, app-level visibility, and real time, predictive analytics. This results in nearly hands-off administration, freeing up enterprise IT staff for strategic initiatives that grow business.

Don’t take our word for it. We work with Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries. See what our customers have to say about their experiences with Tintri and why they trust our technology with their company’s comprehensive data center needs.

“The ROI for us is clear. We’re able to deliver performance at a predictable price point with a predictable administrative and operating model. We really haven’t looked into any other vendor in the last couple of years because of that.”

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“I absolutely love that VMstore enables replication, snapshots, and setting the QoS at the virtual machine level.”

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“We’re constantly developing, iterating, and doing new VMs. So, the ability to move fast and the ability to have high-speed storage is valuable.”

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“VMstore has reduced our overall business costs in terms of time and power.”

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“Since all the data we are processing is sensitive and a compromise cannot be afforded, using Tintri VMstore has benefited the organization thus far.”

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“Tintri VMstore has superior performance. It provides us with up to 30% faster performance than our old storage solutions.”

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