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Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure is deployed in thousands of data centers across all industries worldwide – simplifying lives, elevating experiences and enhancing business value.


Today’s education systems have evolved to support different models for learning, dramatically changing how curricula are delivered and how students engage with content that was once available only in the physical classroom. But educational institutions and higher-ed research environments are now faced with a new set of technology challenges. In addition to delivering curricula and content in more innovative ways, new online technologies are driving faster data growth and increasing the range of user devices – along with unpredictable user behavior. Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure scales to support thousands of students and staff members, delivering consistent, predictable performance anywhere, anytime. IT, on the other hand, can take advantage of autonomous operations to avoid the vast majority of storage administrative tasks and focus on strategic initiatives.

“The ease of installation and configuration was superior. The insight it provides to our virtual infrastructure is invaluable. VMstore is definitely a major component of our VDI success.”

Steven Goodson Network Administrator, William Woods University


The pharmaceutical industry is a dynamic, competitive environment where advanced innovation fuels accelerated growth. From drug discovery to clinical trials to commercialization, data is key to pharma. Complex data sets, performance-hungry scientific applications, and the need for uncompromising data quality drive important decisions. Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and the constant movement of workloads, people and devices across regions demand IT flexibility to ramp resources up and down as business requirements evolve. Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure combines massive scalability, predictable performance and workload mobility for faster R&D innovation and simplified worldwide collaboration. Our solutions eliminate 95% of storage IT burden for pharmaceutical firms, while enabling secure protection and fast recovery of sensitive data to comply with strict pharma industry regulations.

“We noticed a tremendous increase in VDI performance when we moved from NetApp to VMstore. The VMstore systems are ‘wicked fast.’ But the biggest impact of moving to VMstore for me has been the ease of setup and management.”

Stephen Savard Manager of Information Technologies, ICC Chemical Corporation


From billing and clinical transactions to diagnostic imaging, data is key to quality of care and operational efficiency in today’s healthcare environment. However, the very nature of healthcare environments can make it challenging for clinicians and administrators to access critical applications when they and other users are tied to specific systems and devices. This limits staff flexibility and takes time away from patient care. Deploying Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure in healthcare environments simplifies and automates storage management, eases data access and improves performance, so clinicians can spend more time interacting with patients. Healthcare organizations gain unprecedented flexibility, productivity improvements and cost savings while ensuring data is securely protected against potential points of failure or attack.

“Being able to adapt and move quickly is a huge advantage that we have gotten from VMstore. The tight integration and adaptability between VMware and VMstore, the amazing ease-of-use of the VMstore platform, and the attractive ROI are all big advantages for us.”

Don FosenDirector of Technology, Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare


Few industries are as highly regulated and as data-intensive as financial services – which relies on increasingly complex financial models and massive data sets. Users have also come to expect anytime access to information that is secure, protected and compliant – across geographies and multiple lines of business. Deploying Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure in banking and financial services environments gives users consistent performance at scale and greater flexibility when accessing applications, while also ensuring compliance and audit needs are met. Autonomous operations unburden IT staff from time-consuming, resource-intensive end-user management and maintenance tasks, so they can focus on strategic initiatives that drive business value. Financial services firms experience greater responsiveness, productivity and cost savings while data is securely protected against potential points of failure or attack.

We haven’t received a single call or trouble ticket about slow performance on the virtual desktops since we moved to VMstore.”

Ryan Sturm Director of System and Application Administration, MetaBank


Data is key to modernizing federal, state and local government agencies and services, but explosive data growth has also magnified the need to scale capacity and performance while meeting budgetary and IT resource constraints. These needs have become more pronounced as government workers increasingly access IT resources from remote locations. Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure helps government agencies achieve these goals without trade-offs. Highly optimized, scalable solutions ensure that government employees get consistent, predictable performance no matter where they work – along with reliable access to apps and data during a public emergency, after a security breach, or when physical devices have been compromised. Agencies can make sure that sensitive data adheres to government security and compliance regulations, while largely autonomous operations enable them to slash storage management costs by up to 95%.

With VMstore running our VDI environment, our troops can pull their entire desktops up quickly from wherever they are. That’s pretty impressive, since storage is generally the “bottleneck” with most VDI deployments.”

Kyle Graves – IT Project Manager, US Marine Corps Global Command & Control

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