VMstore T7000 Series

Unmatched simplicity with completely autonomous and hands-free operations.


Geek Out! Technology Demo Series

What in the world is the Geek Out! Technology Demo Series? Well, here at Tintri we listen to our users and tailor our technology to their most pressing IT needs. Certain pain points are acute, so we pair our sharpest engineers with the best solutions to show you how Tintri VMstore technology and its features can ease your work burden and improve your life. Geek Out! sessions are by geeks for geeks, and geeks know how to have a good time!  Come curious, ready to laugh, learn, and Geek Out! over Tintri VMstore.

On-Demand Geek Out! Sessions

Why the Tintri VMstore was invented and what it means for your life in the data center and beyond.

Prepare to see double, triple, and more!  Replication Man, aka. Tintri SE Tom Maddox, is here!

No need to lose it, man! These tips and tricks will help make admin life better!

Trick or Treat your way to our most ghoulish Geek Out!

It’s time to discover how Tintri Analytics Makes the Invisible Visible!

Pour yourself a nice, cool drink and join us to learn how Tintri can make data management much more refreshing!

Anything that you strongly believe you can do, you can do. As long as you have VMstore.

Take your Tintri experience into hyperspace with Tintri Analytics!

Who would have thought that keeping your head in the clouds could save you time and money!

Come learn about how Tintri supports these tags and how it can make your life easier!

Avoid getting caught in the lion’s den alone. Let Tintri show you how to become a VDI Tamer!

Meet Dr. Sleepwell! He’s here to cure your sleepless nights.

Witness how SQL Integrated Storage will revolutionize your workflows that administrators deal with daily!

We can’t always predict what may be coming at us, but we can prepare ourselves for any eventuality of IT changes. 

Ransomware loves a good distraction, but with Tintri by your side, you can rest assured that your data will be there when it’s needed most.

Tintri has some unique tools to get you back up and running fast!

VMstore systems deploy in minutes, self-optimize and dynamically adapt to accommodate the most demanding workloads!

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