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About the Company

We’re the storage company that doesn’t talk about IOPS, dollars-per-gigabyte, or other table stakes.

We have fundamentally changed the way you operate by using storage to speed development cycles, simplify management and predict your every need as you scale.

How Are We Different?

Organizations are looking for easy to use, robust, and highly scalable data management solutions. These solutions need to be easy to deploy, simple to manage, and deliver faster insight while maximizing the value of their complex, distributed data.

Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure consistently meets and exceeds the needs of the demanding workloads found in most any data center today.

Our Customers

Read about how our customers’ achieved an exceptional user experience through new levels of efficiency, simplicity, and cost savings. Learn how a fresh, simplified experience with Intelligent Infrastructure rapidly transformed not only their data center, but their businesses’ responsiveness and success.

United Healthcare
BNY Mellon

DDN and Tintri -
Unparalleled Success

What is the true measure of success? Find out how DDN and Tintri’s Intelligent Infrastructure technology can help your organization reach new heights of success.


At Scale

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