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VMstore T7000 Series

On-prem VMstore platform.

Tintri Cloud Engine

Container-driven VMstore platform.

Tintri Cloud Platform

Managed infrastructure powered by Tintri.

DevOps Infrastructure Automation Solutions

Accelerate DevOps cycles and ensure data consistency. ​

Standard infrastructure is not purpose-built to manage the dynamic development cycles of today’s DevOps environments.


Disparate Tools

Resource Waste

Latency & Bottlenecks


Unlock The Full Potential of DevOps with Tintri VMstore

VMstore provides DevOps teams improved productivity and agility with real-time visibility and analytics. 

Continuously test software builds by deploying 100s of VMs in minutes
Ensure dev teams always have the latest code by easily moving between snapshots
Dev teams self-manage by automating administrative tasks 
Improve budgeting by modeling resource needs 18 months in advance
Optimize dev and production workload performance by enabling guaranteed I/O thresholds
Dev teams rapidly self-diagnose performance issues by finding the cause of latency in seconds, across compute, network, and storage

What Our Customers Say

“Our test/dev environment is highly automated. When a software build completes, it issues a command that starts a QA run. It creates necessary VMs on demand, sends the tests to the VMs, gathers the results, deletes the VMs when the test is over, and then moves on to the next test cycle.”

-Brian Alexander, Technical Architect for Virtualization Environments at Mentor Graphics

It’s time your infrastructure worked for you.

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