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Tintri Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - VDI Built on a Foundation of Intelligent Infrastructure

Experience different! Simplify and automate VDI management so you can scale with ease while delivering a better end-user experience.

Key capabilities include:

Tintri Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Agility


Precisely scale compute or storage as needed. VMstore stores application data 4 to 10 times more efficiently than other solutions, supporting up to 7,500 desktops with just 2RU. Add another virtual desktop and VMstore automatically places it for optimal performance. This means reduced footprint, cost, and complexity.

Tintri Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Insights


Our end-to-end visibility helps you find the root cause of latency in seconds – for any desktop – across compute, network, and storage resources. Fast troubleshooting and resolution optimizes efficiency. Plus, you can predict resource needs 18 months into the future.

Tintri Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Control


Your staff should be focused on empowering your users and shouldn’t require a Ph. D. to deliver a great user experience. VMstore simplifies VDI management by integrating with VMware’s VAAI and VCAI APIs, Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) and Machine Creation Services (MCS), and other popular virtualization tools.

Tintri Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Certainty


Each virtual desktop is isolated, unaffected by other desktops and VMs. So, you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors, I/O storms, or latency. Plus, you can mix desktop and server workloads on the same VMstore system without creating contention.

Enhance Your VDI Experience

Countless organizations have sought to increase desktop control, deliver a consistent user experience, and reduce cost. Yet, most have struggled to make VDI a reality. The challenge is simple: standard infrastructure is not built for virtualized environments. Tintri has years of experience in delivering VDI infrastructure that’s simpler, faster, and easier to maintain . The reason why is also simple: we designed our systems from the start to understand the demanding requirements of VDI. While I/O bursts from boot storms and anti-virus scans can grind standard infrastructure to a halt, our Intelligent Infrastructure delivers a consistent user experience with easy administration.

Standard infrastructure must be over-provisioned to accommodate the I/O patterns of VDI, driving up both cost and complexity. With our Intelligent Infrastructure every desktop has its own I/O “lane” so there’s no resource contention or latency and you can handle virtual desktop movement with ease.

What Can Tintri Do For VDI?

  • Deliver a consistent user experience
  • Eliminate resource contention by isolating every virtual desktop
  • Pinpoint desktop latency across compute, network, and storage
  • Manage 7,500 virtual desktops in just 2RU
  • Provide end-to-end data integrity, security, and high-availability
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