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Tintri’s European Journey: From Vision to Victory at the UK Storage Awards 2024

In the rapidly developing landscape of data management, Tintri has established itself as a leader with a reputation for solution innovation and excellence. The company’s journey to being named Performance Storage Vendor of the Year and Flash Storage Vendor of the Year at the Storage Awards 2024 is a testament to its relentless pursuit of perfection.

Setting the Stage: VM-Aware Since 2011

Founded by Kieran Harty and Mark Gritter in 2007, and continuously improved and developed under new owners DDN, Tintri’s ethos has always been to revolutionise data management and infrastructure through intelligent automation and high-performing technologies, allowing IT professionals to focus on more strategic tasks instead of manual, real-time interventions. In fact, Harty summarized the overall ethos perfectly:  

“Human beings shouldn’t have to get involved in real-time decision making about data storage”

The company’s unique approach resulted in the creation and launch of Tintri VMstore in 2011, purpose built as a VM-aware storage platform (VAS), allowed it to offer unprecedented visibility and control at the virtual machine (VM) level, setting new benchmarks in performance and management ease.

Expanding Horizons in EMEA

The EMEA region is a diverse and dynamic market with vast opportunities that Tintri recognized from the outset with the establishment of its European operations in 2011. As a 100% channel-focused enterprise, Tintri established a strong local presence in key markets, partnering with a pan-European distributor and a network of specialised resellers, systems integrators and service providers. Its channel approach differed from most vendors – Tintri offers a true partnership, win-win approach as opposed to a “race to the bottom” pricing model seen with other over-distributed vendors (that is sadly all-too prevalent) and works with its channel in joint sales and marketing campaigns along with technical support, to offer value to the end user.

Understanding the unique requirements and regulatory landscapes of different countries within the EMEA region was crucial. Tintri invested in seeding key markets with local sales, channel managers and most importantly with local technical expertise that enabled it to address various challenges, from data sovereignty issues in Europe to scalability needs in fast-growing markets in the Middle East and Africa.

Success stories from prominent EMEA clients played a significant role in Tintri’s journey. Testimonials and case studies from customers in finance, healthcare, MSPs and others, demonstrated how Tintri VMstore delivered tangible benefits such as improved performance, reduced management complexity, significant cost savings and contribution to top line revenue.

Award-Winning Performance

The recognition at the UK Storage Awards 2024, often referred to as “The Storries,” was the latest public recognition of Tintri’s efforts in the EMEA region. The rigorous selection process, involving both public voting and expert evaluation, underscores the significance of these awards. Winning the titles of Performance Storage Vendor of the Year (for the third year running) and Flash Storage Vendor of the Year highlights Tintri’s commitment to deliver high-speed, reliable, and scalable storage solutions.

Why Tintri Stood Out:

  1. Unmatched Performance and Reliability

Tintri VMstore is renowned for high performance and reliability. Leveraging advanced flash storage technology and sophisticated data management algorithms ensures consistent, low-latency performance, even under the heaviest workloads. This reliability is critical for businesses that rely on real-time data processing and analysis.

  1. Innovative Features

VM-level quality of service (QoS), real-time analytics, and autonomous operation allow businesses to optimize their storage environments with minimal manual intervention. These features are particularly attractive in the EMEA region, where IT resources are constantly under pressure and can vary widely in availability and expertise.

  1. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

The company’s dedication to providing exceptional support and value has earned it a loyal customer base – self-identified as “Tintriholics”. This commitment is reflected in the positive feedback from EMEA customers, who appreciate Tintri’s responsiveness and the tangible improvements in their storage performance and efficiency.

Looking Ahead: Tintri’s Vision for the Future

Even as Tintri celebrates its achievements, the company remains focused on the future. The EMEA region continues to be a critical market, with growing demands for advanced data management solutions driven by digital transformation initiatives.

The rapid adoption of AI in the mainstream is already igniting fresh pressures on IT departments the world over, and consequently the volume of data generated is rising exponentially. Europe is already seeing the adoption of VMs for production roll outs, sandbox, and CICD workloads. A VM-inclusive topology allows data scientists to seamlessly interact and deploy within traditional production application roll outs. More than ever, Tintri VMstore value proposition of managing data at a VM-level, as well as integration with Kubernetes for containerised environments, means it is increasingly relevant now and in the future.

Tintri’s awards at The Storries is a recognition of past achievements, but with its strong foundation, strategic partnerships, and a clear vision for the future, Tintri is leading the industry and ensuring that businesses across EMEA can unlock the full potential of their data.

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