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Tintri SVP Phil Trickovic Sits Down with Intelligent CXO

In today’s business landscape, the ability to leverage disaggregated datasets autonomously is not merely advantageous but essential for business survival. Vital components of autonomous platforms, intelligent data management and the significance of real-time analytics are essential in driving success in the digital era. As such, organisations need to observe the following:

1. Mitigating platform entropy: embracing automation and predictive analytics
In the contemporary AI-driven environment, optimising real-time workloads autonomously is paramount. Automation, combined with realtime predictive analytics tailored to workload profiles, empowers organisations to maintain a competitive edge. By capturing, analysing and adjusting working datasets, businesses can forecast trends, identify efficiencies and provision resources accurately and autonomously.

2. Addressing integration challenges
In today’s interconnected business ecosystem, siloed data and platforms hinder progress. Implementing ‘workload-aware’ platforms breaks down these barriers, providing a real-time holistic view of operations. Actionable workload management platforms unlock numerous time and cost-saving capabilities, facilitating seamless integration across the organisation.

3. Implementing intelligent data architecture and management platforms
As global processing capabilities expand, it’s imperative to control costs while maintaining quality. Autonomous tuning based on realtime workload profiles offers precisely this capability. Tintri’s commitment to providing unparalleled intelligence and autonomous scalability remains unwavering.

4. Ensuring data compliance (e.g., GDPR)
In an era marked by heightened data privacy concerns, compliance is not just a choice but a legal and ethical necessity. Regulations like GDPR establish rigorous standards for data protection and privacy, with noncompliance carrying significant consequences. Organisations must therefore ensure their data management systems are sufficient to ensure compliance – from data encryption, recovery, retention and auditing/reporting. By proactively adhering to these regulations and implementing robust compliance measures, organisations safeguard customer rights and uphold ethical data practices.

5. Prioritising data protection and recovery
The stakes for data protection and recovery have never been higher. Ability to recover operations is of the utmost criticality. Given the ever-evolving cyberthreats and potential catastrophic costs of data breaches, Tintri’s relentless commitment to identify and mitigate potential threats before they are of impact is in our DNA.


The above was originally published in Intelligent CXO.

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