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Tintri Analytics Reveals the Invisible Ink of Your Data Infrastructure

Fantasy stories include secret messages that can only be revealed by fire or hidden keyholes that can only be revealed by a shaft of moonlight. But you can also think back to primitive espionage techniques or children’s games for a more concrete example of hidden messages that are uncovered by applying the right technique: invisible ink.

And why is that important to you? Because your infrastructure is filled with intelligence and insights that you cannot see — in fact, you might not even suspect that they exist. But those insights are there to be revealed, to be analyzed, and to be tapped in improving the operations of your data center.

Superb analytics will activate that invisible ink to uncover what is hidden.

Keeping any IT infrastructure running strong and operating smoothly is a challenge, even for seasoned IT professionals and technology officers. Disparate apps and systems operating together in the infrastructure and various data management processes are all competing for limited resources in terms of storage, latency, throughput, memory, processing power, and more.

At the heart of it all is good analytics. You need a product or service that will analyze past performance and the activity and infrastructure usage at every ongoing moment. That is the power of real-time analytics: helping you make the decisions on managing infrastructure and on-prem cloud resources in the best possible way for everyone in your organization


Following the Hidden Clues

Once you reveal information disguised by invisible ink, you might find that some of it is cryptic — perhaps riddles or clues instead of obvious messages. Good analytics can help decipher those messages.

And activating the invisible ink can lead to a more complex path, too. Secret messages may provide information about finding other hidden messages or may provide prompts about other places you need to go for clues. Each reveal leads to more reveals.

That’s what happens in your infrastructure and that’s why Tintri Analytics gathers information for you in one place at the application level that you might not even know exists. Important data are not only hidden but also scattered. You have a multitude of insights that, once revealed, are all pieces of a larger puzzle. Some are fragments of a larger issue. Some are hints leading to other insights.

Historical data and real-time monitoring alone aren’t enough. AI and machine learning as part of your analytics can construct a clear picture from which business leaders and IT professionals can construct a strategy. You can obtain the IT operations data that you need to make the best business decisions, as long as you have the right tools to visualize and leverage that data.


Revealing the Future

Fully leveraging these discoveries, though, requires one more step: anticipating the future. You need the extra layer of predictive analytics. Not just the past; not just the present. You need a tool that can use AI and machine learning to predict your systems’ future needs.

A combination of real-time and predictive analytics powered by machine learning becomes your translator so that all your many and scattered invisible messages can not only be revealed and brought together but their future impact analyzed and turned into proactive responses.

With predictive analytics, you can obtain reliable data about the future and combine that with real-time operational data to make better decisions about optimizing your systems, including how to identify and accurately predict future outcomes to capitalize on or potential challenges to avoid.

The result is measurably reduced downtime, avoidance of preventable downtime, optimized application performance, and significantly reducing operational expenditures.


Bringing It All Together

In the end, good analytics with a predictive component aren’t just about helping you make better business and technical decisions by giving you higher levels of visibility into data. It’s also about freeing you from worrying about the infrastructure to begin with. The AI-enhanced tools you have in place can enhance productivity to drive your virtual workloads better and enable you to focus on your strategic business priorities rather than attend to the data center constantly. The analytic power of your infrastructure management solution can do most of the troubleshooting for you.

VMstore is so much more than just analytics, but as part of the overall package, Tintri Analytics provides a critical component for making your system run on an ideal level. Utilizing our deep knowledge of the workloads that run on VMstore coupled with machine learning and sophisticated algorithms, Tintri Analytics uses these data points to quickly extract actionable insights.

The AI and machine learning also provide tuning of automatic quality of service functions, delivering good performance for every VM without having to explicitly configure each one. This auto-QoS essentially prevents many issues from happening at all.

Among the many things it can do for you, Tintri Analytics can:

  • Predict your performance needs, storage capacity, and compute requirements as far as 18 months into the future.
  • Profile application types and then model how changes in application number or behavior would impact your compute and storage footprint.
  • Model your capacity, performance, and throughput to account for organic growth and new projects in your environment.

In addition, Tintri Analytics can even also model “what-if” scenarios to assess the impact of changes before they are implemented. This helps you understand the consequences of potential changes to your enterprise cloud, and you can do so as far as 18 months into the future.

You don’t need to figure out how to activate the invisible ink, nor how to interpret and predict the impact of what is uncovered. Just let Tintri Analytics handle all of that.


To learn more about why analytics is so essential to your IT infrastructure watch the Tintri Talk In Thought Leadership Series: Using Analytics for IT Operations

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