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At Tintri, we are experts at hosting VMs.  Nobody does carefree data management better.  However, what really drives us is helping our customers solve their most pressing IT problems.  Every day, industry leaders all over the globe are finding innovative ways, using Tintri’s technology, to meet and exceed their goals.  We want you to experience their insights and expertise firsthand.  Our new Tintri Talk In Thought Leadership Series puts the best heads together around a current topic and we discuss it… unscripted and unrehearsed.

Using Analytics for IT Operations

Get More Done in Less Time: Using Analytics to Automate and Simplify IT Operations

  • Measurably reduce downtime
  • Avoid preventable downtime
  • Optimize application performance
  • Significantly reduce operational expenses

Ransomware: Preparing for the Inevitable

The topic of ransomware, malware designed to encrypt files on a device and block user access, rendering any files and the systems that rely on them useless, is front and center.  Your organization is a target, no matter its size.  Instead of covering prevention and remediation best practices solely from our Tintri technology viewpoint, we went to an expert in this field: Mike Brunetti, Director of Professional Services at Entara, a security-focused eXtended Service Provider.

Mike shares over three Talk In sessions with Steve Phillips, a Tintri Principal Systems Engineer, what he has learned from leading a team through 35,000+ hours of breach remediation work and how the right technology choice plays a significant role in saving both time and money along that process.

An Introduction to Ransomware and How to Navigate the Fallout

  • What you don’t know about ransomware and how it could cost you
  • What to do when the inevitable happens: a roadmap
  • What factors affect the length of your remediation

What You Can Do to Mitigate the Risk of Ransomware

  • How should I be protecting my data?
  • How close to a zero RPO/RTO can I get?
  • How do I minimize risk from compromised administrative user accounts?

  • Ransomware protection ROI
  • Remediation insurance requirements
  • Company resources required in recovery vs. protection

Tintri has partnered with Entara, a security-focused eXtended Service Provider, to help explain to our customers what ransomware is, what it does, and how your organization can prepare for and remedy a breach.  Every company is at risk, so the more guidance we gain from industry experts, the more time and money we can save in a crisis.  Mike Brunetti, Director of Professional Services at Entara, delves into this daunting subject in his recent blog, Preparing for the Inevitable: An Introduction to Ransomware and How to Navigate the Fallout

Become a Ransomware Expert

Immutable snapshots. Realtime ransomware identification. Zero performance impact. Learn more about how Tintri technology protects your data from ransomware before the next webinar.

Don’t Let Your Data Become a Hostage; Here’s What You Need To Know About Ransomware

Tintri VMstore Ransomware Recovery:
Immutable Before It Was Cool

Data protection and recovery aren’t always top of mind, and attackers know this. Ransomware loves a good distraction, but with Tintri in your corner, you can rest assured that your data will be there when its needed most.

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