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Sometimes More IS More

Intelligent Infrastructure Blog - Sometimes More IS More

At Tintri our focus has always been on building intelligent infrastructure. From our inception in 2008, our technologies have been delivering the ideal end-user experience in the face of unpredictable volatility in the modern virtualized data center. And doing all of this while simultaneously slashing administrative overhead has been the hallmark of “the Tintri experience” since the beginning.

It’s this focus on our customers – and our customers’ customers – that has made Tintri VMstore a revolutionary technology underpinning the world’s largest virtualized environments. This includes:

  • Massive Fortune 100 enterprise private clouds
  • Dynamic DevOps infrastructure
  • Highly unpredictable VDI environments that accelerate the shift to a work-from-anywhere post-pandemic reality

But Tintri VMstore technology is about more than speeds and feeds. Even advanced performance and availability features are undifferentiated today. VMstore is really about changing the conversation and delivering operational value that’s unparalleled in today’s storage market.

This value and the impact it has on real people is what drew me to Tintri in 2012 as a prospect. Real world results are what wowed me as a customer, leading me to eventually join the company in 2014 – and these results still inspire me to push the envelope forward within our Office of the CTO today.

So where do go from here? How do we improve the most unique and compelling storage technologies in the world today?

Simply put: Just let them do more.

Today we announce the general availability of both the VMstore T7080 and support for VMware Tanzu containers, which is included with Tintri OS (TxOS) 4.6.1 and later. The T7080 marks the debut of NVMe technology for the VMstore platform, BUT… with a proverbial “ace up our sleeve”.

As a DDN company, we benefit by leveraging the most mature NVMe technology in the storage world. DDN has deployed exabytes of NVMe-accelerated infrastructure, which has been pressure-tested in the most data-intensive HPC and AI environments known to man.

By coupling DDN’s battle-hardened NVMe hardware with Tintri’s Intelligent Infrastructure software, the VMstore T7080 represents a new pinnacle in performance density and scale. It reaches these heights while continuing to reduce administrative overhead by as much as 95%.


More Managed Object Types

What’s more exciting than NVMe? VMstore support for VMware Tanzu persistent volumes for containers – in addition to virtual machines and databases, which is available with the latest  releases of Tintri OS, beginning with TxOS 4.6.1

Support for Tanzu containers is compatible with VMstore T800 systems and later, empowers organizations to adopt, scale and autonomously manage Tanzu persistent volumes just as easily as they can with VMs and SQL databases. TxOS analyzes heterogenous managed objects in real time, and adapts to their respective behaviors with sub-millisecond latency, without human intervention. This approach relieves admins from performing hundreds of hours of arcane tasks per year, such as:

  • Performance sizing
  • Provisioning
  • Troubleshooting

As a result, organizations can quickly meet the needs of the business and their most important applications.

At Tintri, we understand that today’s enterprise must be dynamic and agile, and we also understand that in order to best serve our customers’ customers, today’s enterprise infrastructure must also become dynamic and agile – and in our view – intelligent.

From our early innovations like AI-driven Auto-QoS and intelligent federation (for scale-out), to our release of NVMe platforms, to the expansion into new managed objects like SQL databases and Tanzu persistent volumes – Tintri has taken the most intelligent high-performance storage systems in the world and quite simply…

…just let them do more.


Note that VMstore T7080 systems ship pre-loaded with Tintri OS (TxOS) 5.0, while TxOS 4.6.1 is available for immediate download from the Tintri Support portal at support..devtintrinew.wpengine.com – and is compatible with all VMstore systems that are currently on a Tintri support contract.

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