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Tintri VMstore Intelligent Infrastructure simplifies and automates storage management, delivers real-time analytics, and maximizes performance so you can refocus your efforts on high-impact projects and business innovation.

Tintri VMstore Intelligent Infrastructure

VMstore All-Flash Systems

VM- and DB-Aware Intelligent Infrastructure

VMstore is a dynamic, flexible storage solution featuring real-time analytics and automation that dramatically reduces administrative overhead, all at the application level. Manage your entire footprint in minutes per day.

Data Center Flexibilty for the ROBO

VMstore T1000 provides a link to your main data center at your smaller remote sites where an appropriately scaled solution is required. You will experience unifed management by the same Tintri Global Center instance.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning for Intelligent Infrastructure

Tintri Analytics is a cloud-based SaaS solution that enables your organization to flexibly meet shifting consumption and investment needs while modeling future capacity and performance requirements for your VMstore systems.

Providing Autonomous Workload Optimization

VMstore Auto-QoS enables autonomous workload optimization, maintains guaranteed performance and reduces administrative overhead by up to 95%.

Storage Management

Tintri Global Center (TGC) automatically controls each of your apps. You simply set policies for service levels, cloning, snapshots, and replication: all at the application level. Plus, TGC federates up to 64 VMstore systems for simpler and easier resource management.

  • Manage and monitor up to 64 systems as one, with complete visibility into all individual VMs or containers.
  • Set up groups, then apply data protection and service level policies that apply across your footprint – no manual intervention required.
  • Push “execute” and let VMstore do the rest – crunching one million stats about your apps every ten minutes to recommend the best app placement for optimum utilization and performance.

Tintri Analytics

With our cloud-based predictive analytics you can get visibility into every app right now, so you can troubleshoot in seconds. Plus, Machine Learning algorithms model every storage and compute need for up to 18 months into the future, based on your apps’ behavior.

  • Troubleshoot latency in seconds. Just open the Tintri Analytics UI, scroll over the app, and see latency across host, network, and storage.
  • Provision what you need when you need it. Tintri Analytics leverages your historical metadata to predict your future capacity, performance, working set, and compute needs.
  • Tintri Analytics breaks down the behavior of SQL Server databases already residing on VMstore, then helps you complete what-if analysis for future deployments.

VMstore Scale-Out

VMstore treats up to 64 systems as a federated pool of storage, and underlying offload technology leverages Tintri replication to move VMs of any size or quantity in minutes. Machine Learning optimizes VM placement, so all you need to do is hit “execute.” Start with one 19TB array and scale up to 40PB with ease.

  • VM Scale-Out looks back 30 days to capture performance peaks, not just averages, for better recommendations.
  • Machine Learning recommends the optimum placement for each of your apps to minimize impact on capacity and performance.
  • VMstore offloaded data transfer for storage live migration reduces lapsed time from hours to minutes. Just hit “execute” and VMstore does the rest.
  • Attach persistent policies to apps. Data protection and QoS policies you set for 500 applications remain intact as you grow past 5,000 applications.

Maximize Potential

VMstore offers a wide range of value-added features and integrations, so you can realize the full potential of your virtualized environment.

  • Cloud Connector – tie your on-premises footprint to either AWS or IBM Cloud Object Storage and leverage per-VM transfer, de-dupe, and compression.
  • Synchronous Replication – recover mission-critical virtual and cloud applications with zero RPO disaster recovery and single-click failover.
  • ReplicateVM – puts you three clicks away from replicating any VM. Save (1) time, (2) WAN usage (up to 95%) and (3) sanity.
  • SyncVM – makes storage time travel possible. Move backwards and forwards through snapshots of VMs, restore individual files, and update hundreds of child VMs from a single master VM in seconds.
  • SecureVM – encrypts all the data on your VMstore with zero impact on capacity or performance and rotates keys right from your VMstore dashboard.

Multiple Concurrent Hypervisors
One Intelligent Infrastructure

“Hands-Off” Storage Operations

Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure delivers autonomous “hands-off” management for the vast majority of storage administration tasks. This includes ongoing and future performance and capacity optimization as well as policy management. No other technology provides such a comprehensive “hands-off” approach, which can reduce storage management costs by up to 95%.

Understanding Intelligent Infrastructure: What's Next?
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