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Tintri raises the bar on The Evaluator Group’s VDI benchmarking

  • The Evaluator Group benchmarks the performance and usability of storage systems using virtualized workloads. You can buy access to the test, but you can’t buy the results (many providers that put their products through these paces choose NOT to publish the outcome).
  • Tintri achieved record results. The Evaluator Group noted: “The storage efficiency of Tintri surpassed any storage system tested to date for VDI workloads.”
  • The visibility that Tintri provides across compute, network, and storage actually highlighted ways for The Evaluator Group to improve the infrastructure of their test environment.

Providers like Tintri pay The Evaluator Group to put our platforms through a series of real-world test scenarios. Every platform is put through the same scenarios, and all measurement is quantitative (there’s no creative interpretation of results).

The Evaluator Group measures performance and usability and compares results to tested averages. Here’s how Tintri fared:

VMstore Storage Performance in Virtual Environments

Average VMstore
Number of linked clones 2,515 in 6 rack units 3,000 in 2 rack units
Cost per desktop $111.49 discounted price $75 list price
Boot time 2 desktops per second 3 desktops per second
Data reduction ratio 20:1 60:1
Time to provision 50 VMs 5 minutes Zero minutes
Daily management time for 480 VMs 50 minutes Zero minutes

Source: The Evaluator Group

Tintri isn’t just an incremental improvement, and The Evaluator Group’s VDI benchmarking proves it. Read on to see how Tintri smokes the competition.

Not too shabby. The Evaluator Group noted: “The storage efficiency of Tintri’s data reduction surpassed any storage system tested to date for VDI workloads. The Tintri T5000 series is one of the best storage values for virtualized workloads.”

And Tintri was the first-ever all-flash array tested by The Evaluator Group that required ZERO time to provision or manage.

That’s the power of VM-aware storage (VAS) on display. Collapse capital expenses with far greater workload density, and slash operating expenses by removing the time and effort it takes to manage storage. It’s great to see this validated yet again in third-party testing—and even better to learn about the real business impact we have on customers.

The Evaluator Group results parallel what we’ve been saying about Tintri since our origins—we do not deliver merely incrementally better results. Trust Tintri to totally change the trajectory of your storage performance and usability.

You can get a full copy of the report to read up on the testing process and detailed results in our Resources section. Happy reading!

Storage benchmarking can reveal great data points when considering new storage vendors. But it’s sometimes difficult to discern whether given benchmarks are subjective or objective.

Any storage company can play the subjective game or stretch the truth on occasion. Tintri prefers objective measures as proof points that VM-aware storage delivers highly differentiated business value.

It’s one of the reasons why we’ve been working with a collection of our peers and pundits on new measures. It’s also one of the reasons why we wanted to subject Tintri VMstore all-flash storage to The Evaluator Group’s IOmark VDI benchmarking.

Get the report today

Tintri is “one of the best storage values” for your VMs. But don’t take our word for it. Read The Evaluator Group’s report.

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