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VMstore T7000 Series

On-prem VMstore platform.

Tintri Cloud Platform

Managed infrastructure powered by Tintri.

Tintri Cloud Engine

Container-driven VMstore platform.


Tintri VMstore Drastically Speeds up Performance for BrightCloud

Customer Case Study

Established in 2000, BrightCloud provides enterprise-grade managed and cloudbased services for various workloads focusing on Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix technology. BrightCloud now supports nearly 50 small and medium-sized businesses from its central operations center in the UK and three hosted data centers.


• BrightCloud was spending too much time managing storage LUNs and volumes. Lack of visibility also made it difficult to troubleshoot bottlenecks, optimize performance and plan storage capacity to meet business growth


• Tintri VMstore T820 and T850 systems
• Tintri Global Center software


• Eliminated time-consuming storage-focused maintenance
• Improved performance; report run times reduced from 30 minutes to 2 minutes
• Increased visibility, enabling faster troubleshooting across the infrastructure
• Dramatically reduced power and overall data center space costs

What BrightCloud is Saying
As a manager, I can log into TGC with a read-only account and see everything I need. I was never allowed anywhere near the old storage management tools! With TGC, I have visibility into things I would have never seen before, without having to ask my team to run any reports for me.
Andy Grover, Technical Director, BrightCloud Technologies
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