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Tintri VMstore Drives Capacity and CapEx Savings of up to 4100% Across Enterprise Data Centers

Thousands of Customers Gain Massive ROI Benefits By Replacing Costly, Cumbersome Racks of Storage With Highly-Efficient 2RU Systems

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Apr. 19, 2021 –

 Tintri, a DDN® company,

and the global leader in intelligent storage infrastructure, recently completed an extensive analysis of thousands of its Tintri VMstore customer deployments in data-intensive industries, including financial services, manufacturing, telco, and healthcare. Tintri customers demonstrated that midrange 50-terabyte VMstore systems are able to deliver over 2 petabytes of effective capacity in typical enterprise IT production environments – representing a data reduction savings of up to 41x 1

These tremendous efficiencies, captured by the Tintri Analytics platform, have enabled customers to replace many racks of costly, difficult-to-manage storage equipment with a single Tintri VMstore 2RU system, slashing data center footprints, eliminating management complexity and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Across Tintri and DDN divisions we believe that Intelligent Infrastructure is essential for enterprises’ current and future IT success. With Tintri VMstore systems and the Tintri Analytics platform – both powered by the industry’s most advanced AI –  we are delivering massive data reduction savings to our customers today while future-proofing their IT strategy,” said Alex Bouzari, CEO and co-founder, DDN. “From financial services to genomics, manufacturing to automotive, academia to government, customers are experiencing the unmatched simplicity and efficiency – and validating the ROI benefits – that we bring to their operations.”

“VMstore is the most form-fitting storage that I have ever come across.  Imagine taking a full rack of legacy storage and consolidating 400 TB into 4 rack units, so you use 10% of the footprint but get 50% more performance,” said Steve Bartholomew, director, IT Global Architecture, Avaya.

Tintri VMstore is renowned for its autonomous administrative capabilities, which can reduce storage operating expenses by up to 95%. However VMstore also provides significant CapEx savings with a sophisticated AI-managed architecture that supports much larger data sets than traditional LUN-based storage architectures. This design enables more data to be deduplicated and at much higher ratios – simplifying deployment and scaling, and eliminating the unused, wasted resources prevalent with most storage systems.

Tintri Analytics is a cloud-based SaaS offering that complements  VMstore systems with machine learning and predictive analytics. Storage capacity and performance, as well as compute and memory requirements can be precisely projected up to 18 months in advance across multiple systems, for each application, database and virtual machine. Sophisticated modeling profiles applications, workload types and storage needs without overprovisioning, greatly boosting customer efficiencies and ROI.

For more information on Tintri VMstore and Tintri Analytics, visit /products/vmstore/.

About Tintri
Based in Silicon Valley, Tintri is a wholly owned subsidiary of DataDirect Networks (DDN), the data-at-scale powerhouse and world’s largest privately held storage company. Tintri delivers unique outcomes in Enterprise data centers. Tintri’s AI-enabled intelligent infrastructure learns your environment to drive automation. Analytical insights help you simplify and accelerate your operations and empower data-driven business insights. Thousands of Tintri customers have saved millions of management hours using Tintri. Choose differently, the choice is yours. Learn more about the Tintri portfolio of solutions at https://www.tintri.com/products.

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1 Analysis derived from internal Tintri audit of 50 Tintri customers leveraging DDN’s Tintri Analytics platform

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