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Introducing the NexentaStor VSA for Tintri: File Services for Virtualized Environments

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – August 19, 2019 – Tintri® by DDN, the provider of intelligent infrastructure for virtualized environments today introduced the NexentaStor® VSA for Tintri, the first collaboration between Nexenta® and Tintri in the DDN family of brands. This optimized virtualized storage appliance (VSA) option allows existing customers the choice of leveraging their Tintri VMstore supporting virtualization with added file services to consolidate and better manage business data.

The NexentaStor VSA for Tintri allows users a different choice to expand beyond initial workloads, broadening use for home directories, user profiles, and collaboration in departments. This solution improves consolidated file sharing and remote office, branch office (ROBO) data on intelligent infrastructure, taking advantage of Tintri capabilities that simplify management, resulting in time and monetary savings.

“Infrastructure professionals are under tremendous pressure to not only keep up with rapidly growing data, but to also ensure that data is accessible and protected,” said Henry Baltazar, research vice president – Infrastructure, 451 Research. “The NexentaStor VSA for Tintri will allow customers to fully leverage their existing Tintri systems while obtaining the added value of core file sharing services, which are necessary to meet the collaboration requirements of clients.”

The NexentaStor VSA for Tintri is optimized to leverage the data reduction efficiencies and performance optimization inherent when storing data on Tintri infrastructure. Easily deployable, the NexentaStor VSA for Tintri is built on a matured stack providing both NFS and SMB/CIFS file services for Windows and Mac clients. The VSA is managed via the Flex or HTML5 VMware vCenter plugins, and can be used with the NexentaStor High Availability plugin designed for minimal downtime and automated failover of file services in the event of a VM or node failure.

“Tintri by DDN has long been an innovator of technology designed specifically for virtualization, using our intelligent infrastructure to provide a unique experience. The NexentaStor VSA for Tintri underscores our vision to offer new value and capabilities in virtualized environments,” said Tom Ellery, general manager, Tintri by DDN. “As part of the DDN family of brands, we will continue to extend our technology to deliver automation and analytics up the stack, and add complementary solutions with the simplicity and scale that our customers are fanatical about.”

Henry Baltazar with Tintri by DDN will host a webcast at 9 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (noon Eastern Daylight Time) Tuesday, August 20 discussing the joint solution. Registration for the webcast is available at https://bit.ly/TintriVSAwebinar.

For more information about the NexentaStor VSA for Tintri, please visit https://bit.ly/TintriVSA.

About Tintri by DDN

Innovations from Tintri by DDN deliver unique results in virtualized environments. Tintri’s intelligent infrastructure for virtualization was designed to learn, resulting in a different experience with automation and analytics that drastically simplifies operations for virtual machines. Thousands of organizations have saved millions of hours of management by choosing Tintri to eliminate planning and administration work with automation. Unique control with VM-level actions for infrastructure functions including snapshots, replication and QoS make protection and performance certain in production, and accelerate test and development cycles. Combined with better planning and environment-wide insights from analytics, businesses can invest their resources up the stack to increase the scale and value of their applications. Agile organizations including Chevron, Comcast, United Healthcare, and 20 percent of the Fortune 100 choose intelligent infrastructure from Tintri by DDN for its value powering server virtualization, VDI, and DevOps. Tintri by DDN is part of the DDN family of technology brands.

About DDN

DDN is the world’s largest privately held storage company. As organizations look to easy to use, robust, and highly scalable data management solutions for flexible deployment in multi-cloud environments, the DDN family of technology brands delivers faster insight into and maximum value from their complex, distributed data. Our products and services are ideally suited for emerging and demanding AI, IOT, multi-cloud, Big Data, streaming and mixed workloads at scale. Over the last two decades, DDN has established itself as the data management provider of choice for over 5000 enterprise, government, and public-sector customers.

The DDN family of Technolgies is made up of the following powerhouse organizations:

  • DDN – The world’s most powerful and comprehensive AI, Big Data, and data management at scale solutions
  • Tintri by DDN – The ultimate in simplicity and control for a different virtual experience
  • Nexenta by DDN – The most cost- and performance-optimized software defined data services for enterprises, telcos and service providers with 5G and IoT requirements

For more information, follow us on twitter: @ddn_limitless, go to www.ddn.com or call 1-800-837-2298.


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