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VMstore T7000 Series

On-prem VMstore platform.

Tintri Cloud Platform

Managed infrastructure powered by Tintri.

Tintri Cloud Engine

Container-driven VMstore platform.

Rise and shine, campers! 

We hope you packed your cold weather gear, because today we’re climbing to the snowcapped peak of Mt. Tintri! You’ll be able to take in the view from above it all, but first, a stop at Database Camp!

Much like the view from the summit of Mt. Tintri, you can get a top-down view of your data to manage it as intelligently as possible. You’ll get a consistent user experience, eliminate overprovisioning, and reduce your storage footprint!

So strap on your hiking boots, grab your walking sticks, and head to Database Camp on your way to a more intelligent data management experience!  

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