Welcome to Camp Tintri!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about data management from the comfort of your home or office while imagining you were camping in the great outdoors? We know, it’s a silly question, of course you have! Well, pack your bags, say so long to mom and dad, and grab a gallon of mosquito repellent because this summer* Tintri is sending you on the adventure of a lifetime assuming you’ve led a very sheltered existence!

Welcome to Camp Tintri, the first and only summer camp that is chock full of infotainment about Tintri’s world-class technology! Visit each week to learn more about how Tintri can help revolutionize your organization’s data management! Take a raft down Virtualization Rapids, hit a bullseye at the Analytics Archery range, or just imagine your data in the clouds at the TCP lookout tower!

And we’re sure you’re probably thinking that there’s no way that this event could get any better, but you’d be terribly, terribly wrong! Every camper who stops by and enters the weekly trivia will be entered to win one of four fabulous prize packages! Read on to learn more!

*Summer not applicable in Southern Hemisphere, sorry mate!

How To Enter

Participating in Camp Tintri is easier than creating friendship bracelets that will last a lifetime even after the summer camp friendships fade, and the more activities you engage in throughout the summer the better your odds of winning one of four amazing prize packages!

Enter Weekly!

Visit each week as a new section of Camp Tintri becomes available. Answer the trivia questions and you can receive up to 12 entries into the contest! Enter any trivia at any time, there’s no merit badge for punctuality, but you can earn one for procrastination… eventually.

Get Outside!

Print out the Camp Tintri Rangers sheet from the link below, take a cutout of any of the characters somewhere outdoorsy, and show off a picture on social media with #camptintri will earn 10 points! That’s almost enough points to make the waste of ink worthwhile!

Attend a Show!

Campers who sign up for Geek Outs and our Tintri Summer Cookout with Grillin’ Fool Scott Thomas will receive an additional five entries to the contest per show attended! It doesn’t take earning a math merit badge to know that’s a lot of extra points up for grabs!

Flaunt Your Merit Badges

Campers who take to social media to show off their merit badges can add five extra points for each badge they share! Simply post with #camptintri and you’ll be rolling in points (which is much better than rolling in poison oak.)

While not everyone can win a prize package, campers don’t have to leave emptyhanded! Contestants who answer three or more trivia questions correctly throughout the course of the event will receive a set of all 12 physical merit badges in the mail at the end of the promotion! Spoilers – the 12th badge is the “Consolation Prize” merit badge.

Camp Tintri Merit Badges

Answer Questions, Win Prizes!

Outdoor Fun

Camp Tintri Outdoor Fun Package
  1. RTIC Cooler!
  2. JBL Speaker!
  3. Outdoor Chair!
  4. Pickleball Set!
  5. Outdoor Blanket!
  6. Camp Tintri T-shirt!
  7. Water Bottle!


Camp Tintri Grill Package
  1. Weber Grill!
  2. Yeti Backpack Cooler!
  3. Oven Mitt!
  4. Apron!
  5. Camp Tintri T-shirt!
  6. Camp Tintri Koozie!
  7. Bottle Opener!

Movie Night

  1. RTIC Cooler!
  2. JBL Speaker!
  3. Outdoor Chairs! (x2)
  4. Wine Cups! (x2)
  5. Outdoor Blanket!
  6. Camp Tintri T-shirt!
  7. Bottle Opener!


  1. RTIC Cooler!
  2. JBL Speaker!
  3. Hammock!
  4. Outdoor Blanket!
  5. Stainless Steel Mug!
  6. Camp Tintri T-shirt!
  7. Sunglasses!

Grand Prize!

One lucky camper will walk away with our grand prize at the end of the summer!

  1. Weber Grill!
  2. Yeti Backpack Cooler!
  3. JBL Speaker!
  4. Yeti Tumbler!
  5. Apron!
  6. Oven Mitt!
  7. Bottle Opener!
  8. Sunglasses!
  9. Camp Tintri T-shirt!
  10. Camp Tintri Koozie!
Camp Tintri Grand Prize

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