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Why We Do What We Do

Phil Trickovic
December 13, 2021

Why we do what we do.

*Company Name, individuals names have been left out for privacy reasons*

“Sales” is a notoriously misunderstood profession, even more so when bringing a new technology and methodology to market.  To be successful in sales, we accept that fact.  Believe it or not, our greatest satisfaction comes from first identifying our customers’ pain points, then architecting solutions to eliminate them.  This can take place over several months (even years), and the ultimate compensation is not just one reward.  Sometimes, the greatest “payday” arrives in the most unexpected of ways.

In all areas of life, do the right thing.  Consistently.  Sometimes, we might even be surprised by the results, especially when afforded a glimpse of the impact we can have on our customers.

In 2015, We were engaged via a partner with one of our largest targets accounts.  My expectations for swift success were nonexistent.  Due to prior dealings, I knew it was an 18-month mission just to be approved to test new solutions!   Thanks to our partners existing relationship, we were fortunate to be able to skirt that entire process.  After six months, we had secured one project within this very large entity – a great start!

Fast forward, end of 2016.  We were invited by this now customer to attend their internal holiday party.  This alone was unexpected and very much appreciated.  Add to that the exchange that occurred during said party, and you’ll understand why this “payday” memory resurfaces, especially at the holidays…

A few details:

  • It is notoriously difficult to secure approvals for new technologies with this customer.
  • Tintri had just started to grow and we hadn’t quite proven ourselves yet.
  • This customer has the resources to use ANY technology they want.
  • We were a much smaller startup, and it was very risky for them to push our technology – as good as it was – internally.

At the party, the VP of IT approached me, shook my hand, and said “Thanks.”  I replied, “My pleasure.”  He immediately responded, “No, really.  Thanks,” still firmly gripping my hand.  “You’re welcome,” I repeated, a bit perplexed.  For the third time he emphasized, “No, you DON’T understand.”

“What DON’T I understand?”

“You have no idea the impact your technology is having on my teams.”

“Thanks for sharing that.  I know it’s great stuff.”

Clamping down even further on my hand, he elocuted, “My 30 reports have their lives back.  They are now able to go home at five and spend the holidays with their families.  We couldn’t have made that happen without this.  Thanks for bringing it to us and sticking with our process.”

Just about blew me out of my shoes!  Did not see THAT coming.  If we do the right thing, consistently, that is the result.  We don’t always get to hear about it or see it with our own eyes, but we know it’s there.  What we do – sales and all – it matters.

Happy Holidays,



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