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Why I’m Excited About Tintri by DDN’s Future

October 18, 2018

I’m personally and professionally pleased that the Tintri technology has found a new home with DDN.  Tintri by DDN brings together Tintri’s focus on analytics, insight, and automation, with DDN’s emphasis on scale, performance, and customer success.  This combination will allow us to advance Tintri’s current mission of simplifying and delivering insight for the virtual infrastructure, but also allow us to address exciting new workloads in the future with a similar approach.

Tintri’s story from day one has been about storage that is “aware” of its workload, and that provides insights not available on conventional storage. We built a file system specialized for virtualization and the enterprise cloud. This specialization let our team build unique features and look at file system architecture with a fresh perspective.

When customers use Tintri, they get a view into their infrastructure that is relevant and actionable, and unlike anything else found on the market today. The Tintri VMstore tracks every I/O, and every kilobyte of storage, back to the virtual machine that created it, giving real answers about utilization and performance problems. Tintri Analytics took these real-time capabilities and extended them with long-term capacity planning and reporting.  These offerings give customers the ability to understand what is happening in their virtualized environment, at the level of single arrays, single virtual machines, or entire applications.

Building these features into the file system paid a dividend in simplicity and automation. The Tintri VMstore automatically directs each VM’s I/O traffic into a separate “lane” of traffic to isolate workloads from each other. Customers no longer have to separate different classes of workload onto different arrays or volumes.  Nor do storage administrators need to slot applications into different datastores in order to apply the correct storage policies. This makes it immensely easier to use Tintri’s APIs to automate data center applications, because what should happen to a VM is independent of where it resides.

On top of these core mechanisms, Tintri has been able to build unique solutions for common data center operations. The VMstore’s cloning technology and SyncVM allow sub-second creation of clones, reducing test and dev workloads that took hours into mere minutes.  Tintri’s tight integration with VMware and Hyper-V allowed us to implement storage migration offload that virtually eliminates overhead on the host, using Tintri’s compressed and deduplicated replication technology to reduce the total network traffic required.

I believe Tintri can learn a lot from DDN’s record of longevity and success.  DDN has been a key partner for its customers for 20 years and continues to be a leader in high-performance computing. Tintri and DDN share a commitment to making decisions that put the customer first.  Tintri by DDN will work to restore our customer’s faith, build storage that “just works”, and grow Tintri’s presence in VDI, server virtualization, private cloud, and database applications.

Although Tintri’s solutions and DDN’s solutions do not have a lot of overlap, there is still a lot that Tintri can learn from DDN’s technology and team. DDN’s storage makes efficient use of multi-core systems, scales to large numbers of storage devices, and provides high levels of performance and reliability. They have built this technology in an agile fashion and ensured it provides a highly reliable experience. I am sure that the combination of Tintri and DDN will be productive as we learn from each other’s products, processes, and values, and I’m excited to see where we go next!


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