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Why are enterprises clawing back applications from public cloud?

August 15, 2017
  • Many enterprises are “clawing” applications back from public cloud due to spiraling cloud costs and low performance.
  • Tintri Enterprise Cloud gives you the agility of public cloud in your own data center without the cost or performance uncertainties.
  • Enterprise and cloud applications both can benefit from auto-QoS for guaranteed performance and autonomous operations.

Spiraling Costs

Many of us initially thought that the public cloud was a less expensive option for all applications. Your team may have been surprised to see how quickly cloud costs add up. Many early adopters of public cloud learned this lesson the hard way and have already started bringing applications back on-premises.

You may have dozens of enterprise applications that were architected to run in your data center. Because they consume the same resources day in and day out, lifting and shifting these applications into the cloud with little or no change is a recipe for high costs. As a general guideline, applications that consume resources (compute and storage) elastically—only when they are needed—are a much better fit for public cloud. Applications that don’t—especially those that assume the proximity of the compute, storage, and network resources—are probably cheaper to run in your own data center where they won’t incur high bandwidth costs.

Unpredictable Performance

Enterprise applications often don’t perform up to your expectations when moved to the public cloud. Generally speaking, public cloud platforms can’t deliver the same low latency, high IOPS, or predictable performance that your critical databases and important business applications like CRM and ERP depend on.

In many cases, the cost to redesign and refactor applications for the cloud isn’t justifiable. In particular, lifting and shifting apps without change can cause problems.

The Enterprise Cloud Alternative

If your team has been struggling with public cloud challenges, you may find that enterprise cloud is a better alternative. Tintri Enterprise Cloud puts the agility of public cloud in your data center while addressing cost and performance challenges.

The Tintri Enterprise Cloud Platform runs both enterprise applications and cloud-native applications side-by-side on the same infrastructure, reducing infrastructure costs and increasing flexibility. Detailed analytics let you predict resource needs for every application as part of your data center planning. You can provision resource-intensive and latency-sensitive applications in an enterprise cloud environment without the premium you would pay in the public cloud.

Enterprise applications expect the underlying storage to provide services such as data protection and DR. By operating at the granularity of the virtual machine or container, Tintri Enterprise Cloud makes it simple to give every application the protection it deserves. Tintri’s web-services or building block architecture is an ideal fit for companies moving to DevOps.

And Tintri Enterprise Cloud delivers predictable performance for every workload. Tintri Auto-QoS delivers guaranteed performance and fine-grained control, without constant performance monitoring and manual tuning.

Public cloud has been an experiment for many enterprise applications. Many enterprises are bringing apps back on-premises in an enterprise cloud to increase control, decrease costs, and improve service levels.

If your company was an early adopter of public cloud services, it’s likely that not everything worked out exactly the way you hoped. Recent research suggests that almost 83% of organizations have moved applications out of public cloud in the past 12 months. This is because on-premises deployment on an enterprise cloud platform is still the best option for both enterprise applications and cloud-native applications. Why? It comes down to two factors: cost and performance.

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