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Tintri’s How-To Guide: Quick and Easy Setup for Ultimate App Performance

April 25, 2018
  • Tintri All-Flash Arrays come with simple-to-use software for managing multiple systems, protecting your data, and setting up DevOps Environments.
  • Go from setup to checking on performance to predicting the future in seven quick steps.
  • Tintri outpaces the competition by making it easy to guarantee performance, scale-out, replicate virtual machines, and more.

7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Tintri’s All-Flash VMstore Array

Tintri’s How-To Guide shows you how to quickly unbox, set up, and utilize your All-Flash Array in seven easy steps:

  1. Install Your Tintri: Unbox and install in minutes; configure on-site or remotely and be up and running immediately.
  2. Tackle Basic Tasks: Check performance, troubleshoot latency, and set Quality of Service (QoS) right from the dashboard.
  3. Manage Multiple Systems: Create Service Groups made up of multiple VMs, then apply QoS and policies at the group level. Policies are applied automatically to new VMs added to a Service Group and will follow VMs you move to other Service Groups.
  4. Protect Your Data: With Tintri you can select your snapshot schedule and set your replication destination for an individual VM or Service Group. And Tintri synchronous replication offers zero-minute RPO with automatic and single-click failover.
  5. Copy Data Management: Do a file-level restore from the Tintri dashboard or restore an unstable VM with SyncVM. Keep child VMs up-to-date based on a master VM, which is well-suited for DevOps environments.
  6. Scale Your Infrastructure: Scale-up or scale-out with Tintri—add capacity with Tintri FlexDrive or add another system using Tintri’s VM Scale-out technology (part of Tintri Global Center Advanced).
  7. Predict the Future: Every Tintri customer has free access to Tintri Analytics.  Use Analytics to forecast your storage future as far as 18 months out.

Simplify Management with Tintri Software

Other storage providers waste resources by making it necessary for you to replicate an entire LUN or volume. With Tintri ReplicateVM, you can replicate an individual VM or Service Group in just three clicks. Conventional storage makes restoring VMs and files a complicated task; Tintri SyncVM makes it simple so you can effortlessly move between snapshots to keep DevOps in constant motion. SecureVM meets the highest security standards, encrypting each application with AES-256 bit algorithms without affecting capacity or performance.

Tintri Global Center Manages Your All-Flash Arrays

The EC6000 All-Flash Array offers the best performance for all your applications with capacity from 19 TB expanding to 645 TB one drive or one system at a time, while the T1000 All-Flash gives you the same powerful technology for remote offices, allowing you to control your applications automatically. Tintri Global Center manages your entire virtual footprint from a single pane of glass across 64 Tintri systems. Set policies for QoS, cloning, snapshots, and more all at the application level.

You can try Tintri UI yourself, contact us for a demo.


Add more capacity one drive at a time with VM Scale-out or add another Tintri system. Scaling up requires no additional rack space or cabling, is non-disruptive, and takes only a few minutes. And you never have to over-buy disks to accommodate RAID groups—it’s a simpler, more efficient way to expand capacity. Looking to integrate your on-premises private cloud with AWS or IBM Cloud Object Storage? Cloud Connector allows you to move any application between clouds with speed and efficiency.

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