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Tintri SQL Integrated Storage is Here

July 16, 2020

After much built-up anticipation, we are pleased to announce that Tintri, a pioneer in Intelligent Infrastructure, launched Tintri SQL Integrated Storage today. The engineering team at Tintri is very proud of what we have built and how it will significantly help organizations manage storage for SQL Server databases. This solution is not an evolution but a revolution; changing the paradigm for how you think about storage.

Over the past few years storage has become much, much faster. The problem is that high performance has masked many underlying issues with storage systems that were never adequately addressed. Those issues are starting to resurface for many organizations, causing bottlenecks and other problems, which consume valuable time and resources to address. SQL Integrated Storage provides the same exceptional speed that Tintri VMstore systems are known for, but also enables you to manage each database as a storage object, unlocking data management concepts and autonomous capabilities which had previously never been imagined.

Joey D’Antoni from Denny Cherry & Associates wrote a fantastic blog on the subject, in which he extolls the concept of managing storage at the database level. This innovative approach offers unparalleled insight into storage metrics and utilizes storage-based snapshots to enable database protection and cloning with zero impact to production, .

Check out the SQL Integrated Storage landing page on for additional resources and information about how this solution can revolutionize your approach to managing storage for SQL Server databases.

Learn more about Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure and how it’s reshaping the SQL Server landscape and saving organizations up to 95% on storage management overhead. Reach out to us for a live demonstration of SQL Integrated Storage and experience the power of this solution for yourself!

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