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Centralize Management and Upgrades with Tintri Global Center

  • Tintri significantly reduces the time spent on infrastructure management tasks with intelligent management and autonomous operation.
  • Tintri Global Center lets you accomplish almost all management and monitoring tasks from a single interface.
  • A new centralized upgrade feature lets you initiate non-disruptive Tintri software upgrades across multiple data centers, further simplifying upgrade planning and execution.

Tintri Global Center (TGC) has built a strong reputation for intelligent storage and virtualization management that helps you monitor and control your infrastructure better. Among its capabilities, TGC simplifies capacity planning, lets you visualize resource utilization, reduces bottlenecks, and enables policy management and enforcement.

Tintri Centralized Upgrade makes it fast and easy to manage software upgrades for all your storage systems right from Tintri Global Center.

Once you click upgrade, you can sit back and watch the status updates and track the upgrade progress. The storage systems are updated non-disruptively. By simplifying the upgrade execution, centralized upgrade results in a 50-80% time savings for a typical four-to-eight storage system deployment. The more systems you have, the bigger the savings. In particular, centralized upgrades reduce the planning overhead, saving you significant time and aggravation. That’s a benefit it’s easy to overlook.

If any problems occur, rollback is handled automatically on the affected system and you can initiate it again later once the issue has been resolved.

Using Tintri Centralized Upgrade

Here’s an example to further clarify how this feature might be used. Let’s assume you have ten Tintri storage systems all running Tintri OS 4.3: eight in production and two in your test lab. Perhaps you manage a multi-tenant environment at a service provider and you’d really like to take advantage of a new feature in Tintri OS 4.4, such as quotas. Using the latest TGC, you can quickly and easily upload Tintri OS 4.4 and upgrade just your two lab systems.

Once you’ve had a chance to test the release and verify the quotas feature, you simply go back to TGC and initiate the update for your eight production systems and let our intelligent software do the heavy lifting.

The addition of Tintri Centralized Upgrade to TGC is a great example of how Tintri streamlines operations and supports autonomous operations in data centers. That’s part of our commitment to maximize the performance of end users, so that you and your team are free to focus on higher value projects.

With every release of TGC, Tintri adds new functionality. Our latest release, Tintri Global Center 3.8, which is now generally available, adds new features that put more power at your fingertips including:

  • Tintri Centralized Upgrade. You can upgrade multiple Tintri storage systems across data centers from a central location with just a few clicks.
  • Single pane of glass management. More of the Tintri tools you rely on are accessible right from TGC.

In the first post of this two-blog series, I’ll explain Tintri Centralized Upgrade and how it helps you streamline upgrades of Tintri all-flash storage arrays in virtualized and cloud environments.

Eliminate Upgrade Pain

If you’re an administrator, you’ve probably spent more hours planning and babysitting upgrades than you care to think about, many of them on weekends and evenings. One of the things Tintri customers love about Tintri is that our software upgrades have always been simple, reliable, and non-disruptive. Many of our customers upgrade without planning maintenance windows; some even initiate upgrades during the day.

With the latest release of TGC, Tintri makes the process even easier, allowing you to manage all upgrades directly from TGC. You no longer have to open a UI window to each storage system, upload the Tintri OS package, and then upgrade it individually. With this release—and the new feature—all of that goes away. Now you can seamlessly upgrade your Tintri storage systems to the latest Tintri OS right from TGC.

As you can see in the screenshot below, initiating an upgrade is reduced to just three steps:

  1. Upload the desired version of Tintri OS.
  2. Select the storage systems you want to upgrade.
  3. Click “upgrade.”
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