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Tintri 2022 Predictions: Workload Intelligence, Autonomous Operations, and AIOps – Addressing IT’s Most Pressing Pain Points

Phil Trickovic
January 13, 2022

It’s not new news.  Exponential data creation and manipulation continue by the microsecond.  The accelerant fueling the shift?  New methodologies bring new efficiencies and reduce costs, while improving application lifecycles, thus exposing a global digital transformation at a scale and speed never before witnessed.

There is a surge of growth in all aspects of modern application stacks. This growth is fueled in part by advancements in data collection, analysis, and AI operations, in addition to unexpected advancements in processing architectures.  We can do far more with far less.  But how?

Following is our complied views with input from our customers and partners. We have uncovered many interesting shifts in the industry for 2022:

  1. Customer Pain Points Require Timely Solutions

While 2021 pushed us out of the office and into new environments, the next year(s) will have us maintaining them as we navigate this “new normal” work environment. Throughout this unlikely turn of events, COVID has shined a light on IT infrastructure needs that require quick-recovery solutions. Looking ahead to 2022, IT administrators will have to find the right solutions to address new and growing pain points in IT support.

Taking advantage of the economic instability created over the past year, ransomware attacks will continue to be a thorn in the side of already vulnerable businesses. As we move forward into the next year, preventing these attacks will require fast, intelligent solutions for prevention and recovery. Tintri’s new host of snapshot capabilities helps detect anomalies and prevent ransomware attacks, as well as quickly recover ransomed data.  By educating users on how to utilize their analytic capabilities and virtualize their vulnerable applications, ransomware attacks can be snuffed out before any damage is done.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure use cases are also continuing to grow, as the pandemic keeps us all in hybrid spaces. As work-from-home becomes more permanent, maintenance will require quick turnaround in IT support.  Overwhelmed by a wave of quick deployment, IT resources are already stretched thin.  The resources required to continue to maintain these environments are going to be more crucial than ever, as we strive to prevent latency and maximize efficiency.

  1. Doing More with Less – Virtualizing Workloads to Meet Modern Standards

Pandemic IT needs have pushed administrators to update to modern standards. The pressing need to transfer our workloads online revealed the shortcomings that COVID exposed with traditional applications, highlighting the requirement for more cost-effective workload intelligence. Shifting toward microservices and AIOps will help automate workloads and take the weight off administrators focusing on maintaining the WFH environment.

While automation can never totally replace the storage administrator, AIOps can improve the efficiency of storage teams and free up individuals to focus on more valuable tasks like working with the business on future requirements. Investing in AIOps will offer users real-time processing to create new data sources and metrics, as well as Domain Algorithms that will aid in workload automation. Furthermore, automated workloads are causing massive shifts toward VMware platforms leading to extensive savings and increased performance.

  1. Tintri Gets Personal

This past year, Tintri has taken strides to invest in relationships with our partners and customers. Engaging with customers will continue to help them adapt to the future of emerging technology. Taking deliberate steps to connect more personally with customers and partners, focusing on their needs, can position storage providers exactly where we’re most valuable.

Tintri, for example, is situating itself right where customers will benefit: focusing on a coming wave in the Container/Kubernetes workflow and in microservice architectures.  We seek to help customers adapt to advanced workflow demands. Investing in AIOps integration can greatly simplify Kubernetes deployment, and adjusting advanced workflow analytics will help AI and HPC data lake deployments going forward.

Tintri will bring the same functions and features from existing microservices to containerized applications.  We will also be improving and enhancing our existing AI and machine learning capabilities.  Microservices greatly reduce operational costs once deployed.  We are all in on microservices to better benefit the customer.

We’ve learned here at Tintri that a creative, personal touch helped improve customer relationships moving out of the pandemic. Investing in people shows that you’re more than a business, and communicating that there are people behind the brand builds trust when it’s most needed. Tintri is built from the ground up for virtual workloads.  We will continue on that path.


First published on VMblog on 12/30/21

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