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T1000 Brings VMstore All-Flash Systems to the Remote and Branch Office

October 3, 2017
  • Tintri VMstore T1000 packages all the capabilities of VMstore’s larger all-flash offerings in a system suited for ROBO, departmental, and smaller VDI needs.
  • The 2U solution offers up to 10TB of effective capacity and supports up to 100 VMs.
  • Available now exclusively through Tintri channel partners, the VMstore T1000 is packaged with replication and security software.

The Tintri VMstore T1000 all-flash system delivers the performance, ease-of-management, and data protection to eliminate ROBO IT challenges.

Addressing the infrastructure needs of employees in remote and branch office (ROBO) locations can be a big problem for IT. Storage infrastructure that works in the data center is too big and too expensive, but the available alternatives fail to meet needs for performance, ease of management, data efficiency, or data protection—a perennial ROBO sore spot.

Tintri created the VMstore T1000™ all-flash system to address the unique challenges of the ROBO. It’s also a great option for departmental needs and smaller VDI deployments.

All-Flash Performance Sized for ROBO

Many companies are adopting distributed business models as a way to get closer to customers, while others are acquiring companies—and employees—in widely distributed locations. Whatever your business model, applications and workers in remote locations want and need the same high level of IT service they’d get from your corporate data center.

The T1000 shares the same OS and management platform as other VMstore all-flash storage systems—the same capabilities as our VMstore EC6000 series—in a platform sized for ROBO. Each T1000 delivers up to 10TB of effective flash capacity and supports up to 100 VMs. Inline data reduction delivers significant space savings, and VMstore software provides virtual-machine-level snapshots and clones for budget driven deployments.

With the T1000, applications and users in your remote offices are no longer bottlenecked by the limitations of inferior ROBO storage solutions, benefitting immediately from lower I/O latency, greater throughput, and superior reliability. Tintri auto-tuned QoS ensures that every running VM gets the performance it needs.

Superior Management and Greater Insight

Many remote office locations lack onsite IT staff, so the infrastructure there has to be easy to install, easy to manage, and reliable. The T1000 can be installed remotely and ready for production in less than 30 minutes. VMstore autonomous operation capabilities minimize the need for ongoing management. Management tasks can be performed remotely or locally by an IT generalist.

And the T1000 offers the same rich analytics as other VMstore storage systems, so you can troubleshoot latency problems across the entire infrastructure stack to deliver higher levels of service. With Tintri Analytics, your team can also eliminate over-provisioning by modeling the need for storage and compute in each location—from the biggest corporate data centers to the smallest remote office—18 months into the future.

Data Protection

If ROBO has an Achilles heel, it’s data protection. With no on-site IT, it can be difficult or impossible to deliver effective data protection. The T1000 has you covered there too. The solution includes military-grade encryption and is configured to make it simple and efficient to replicate your virtual machines and data to a central data center—or the cloud—without the need for third-party solutions that add cost and complexity.

With the T1000, your team can remotely manage the entire data protection process, including all snapshot and replication schedules, using a single management interface.

VMstore Cloud Connector takes advantage of VMstore’s per-VM data transfer, de-dupe and compression abilities, making it the most efficient way to store data in the cloud. ESG’s preliminary analysis shows that compared to traditional systems, Cloud Connector can:

  • Lower administrative costs by about 72%
  • Lower cloud storage and data egress costs by an estimated 80-88%
  • Get up to 4X lower RPO/RTO

It’s perfect for budget-minded ROBO deployments.

Getting Started

Available via Tintri’s global network of channel partners, the Tintri VMstore T1000 is preconfigured for the channel, prepackaged with replication and security focused software, and can be ordered as a single SKU. This makes the VMstore T1000 a great solution to address the fundamental priorities of not just remote offices, but also smaller-scale VDI and departmental use cases.

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