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Storage Field Day 2021: A Sneak Peek Into What Tintri Will Be Talking About

Tintri is very excited to be participating in Storage Field Day 2021, #SFD21 on Jan. 20th. Storage Field Day is part of the Tech Field Day events, a series of invite-only meetings between key IT influencers and technology companies that takes place twice a year. Tintri last presented at Storage Field Day in 2017 and there are many new things we want to showcase. A lot has changed at Tintri over the past couple of years as we’ve expanded the breadth of our portfolio and the depth of our technologies. We want to showcase some of the amazing things we have been working on and what this means for the way enterprises think about and interact with storage infrastructure. And of course, we’ll offer a sneak peek into some groundbreaking capabilities that you can expect in the near future. The event will be live streamed on this page and on the Tech Field Day YouTube Channel

 If you are not familiar with Storage Field Day please visit their site. The event is an awesome way to learn about many different technologies, straight from the source. Storage technology experts from participating companies present to a delegate panel, made up of leading storage industry experts, who carefully parse the information being presented, ask pointed questions along the way, and frequently post observations and opinions to blog sites in real-time. The exchanges are often very technical and point out the many advantages and challenges associated with the latest technology developments. Because the audience members are highly knowledgeable, there’s little tolerance for vague marketing-ish statements. As a result, the discussions are content-rich and very valuable for IT professionals who are seriously evaluating technology and architectural approaches. Our Tintri session will feature a combination of interactive discussions and technology demos. We’ll describe our approach to Intelligent Infrastructure and show how Tintri customers have saved and repurposed 95% of their storage administration time by offloading tasks to our AI-powered intelligent storage systems. A combination of autonomous operations and actionable analytics empowers IT teams to instead re-focus efforts on innovation. We will present the data behind these assertions and demonstrate how these capabilities work, including a deep demo that explains how Intelligent Infrastructure for SQL Server databases greatly accelerates application development cycles.

Rich, granular analytics is a key component of Intelligent Infrastructure that delivers many benefits. We will showcase how the industry’s richest analytics provides the right level of visibility and fast, actionable intelligence by focusing on individual workloads, not on coarse storage constructs like LUNs or volumes. You’ll see how our cloud-based analytics portal helps you understand your storage environment better. Next, onto Tintri Analytics Advisor which provides deep insight for individual workloads, the ability to group things for a bigger picture view, and trending and recommendations to accurately plan resources for capacity or performance optimization. Lastly, a preview of our new Anomaly detection capabilities, using AI to establish what “normal” is and to highlight anomalies that warrant deeper analysis. There is so much the Anomaly detector tool can provide and we will only be showing the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what’s new and exciting about Tintri straight from our Office of the CTO. Find out how Tintri can address your storage conundrums with Intelligent Infrastructure and discover new ways of thinking about and managing the workloads you have been entrusted with. Tintri CTO Office presenters include Rob Girard, Erwin Daria, Shawn Meyers, and the venerable Tomer Hagay. See you January 20th at 12:00 PM PST on the live stream on this page or on the Tech Field Day YouTube Channel.

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