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Mapping the rise of enterprise cloud solutions

October 1, 2017

Public vs. private vs. enterprise cloud models

Key Takeaway: With the exception of 2015, enterprise cloud searches have steadily increased every year since 2012, surpassing private cloud searches in popularity beginning in 2016.

Will enterprise cloud momentum continue?

Data seems to indicate that the momentum will continue: According to IDC, 83% of organizations have moved some compute and storage resources out of public cloud in the past 12 months. Three-fourths of these organizations moved some or all of those resources back on-premise.

Why? Organizations need to balance public cloud capabilities with the performance and cost control of a private data center—a balance that enterprise cloud can provide.

Learn why enterprise cloud is taking over

Read “The Essential Guide to Enterprise Cloud” to learn more about the capabilities and benefits of Enterprise Cloud—and why it might be the right solution for your business.

Note: Hybrid Cloud was excluded from this article due to low search volume, according to Google trends data.

Of all the different types of cloud models, which one is the most popular? Google Trends data is one good indicator of popularity, as you can track the web search volume of cloud-related terms — in this case, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Enterprise Cloud. But first, let’s examine what defines these terms.

Defining Cloud Models

Public Cloud: A service provider makes cloud resources, such as compute and storage, available to the public over the internet — either free or in a pay-per-usage model.

Private Cloud: A Private Cloud is dedicated to a single organization. Private Cloud can be delivered on-premise or off-premise via a service provider.

Enterprise Cloud: Enterprise Cloud is the delivery of Public Cloud capabilities within the control of the enterprise data center. This design supports the use of web services, such as analytics, automation, and self-service.

Now, let’s see how Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Enterprise Cloud web searches stack up against each other in the Computers & Electronics category since 2012, according to Google Trends U.S. data:

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