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Manage Storage from a Single Pane of Glass with Tintri Global Center

February 27, 2018
  • Tintri VMStore significantly reduces the time spent on infrastructure management tasks with intelligent management and autonomous operation.
  • Tintri Global Center lets you accomplish almost all management and monitoring tasks from a single interface.
  • TGC 3.8 now gives you direct access to individual storage systems including the overview dashboard, real-time metrics, VMs, and hardware.

Using TGC’s Single Pane of Glass Management

Here’s an example to further clarify how this feature might be used. Suppose you get a call from one of your internal departments about a performance slowdown. You can now simply log in to TGC, choose the affected storage system, and go to the metrics tab and see real-time graphs for IOPS, throughput, and latency to identify the problem. Next you can access the overview dashboard page for the affected storage system from TGC to see which particular VMs are affecting performance. This helps you quickly narrow down the problem to a culprit VM—and see the application associated with the VM—and apply a QoS policy to the culprit VM to eliminate the storage bottleneck.

At Tintri, our goal is to provide products and services that make administrators’ jobs easier and that help ensure IT success. Tintri Global Center is a key part of that strategy. The latest release, furthers that objective with Tintri Centralized Upgrade and enhancements to our single pane of glass management.

The latest version of Tintri Global Center delivers even greater control over your distributed Tintri storage systems, further reducing the time required for infrastructure management.

In the first post in this series on Tintri Global Center (TGC), I talked about the advantage of Tintri Centralized Upgrade, a new feature in TGC 3.8 which is now generally available. This time I want to talk about how Tintri has further extended TGC management, providing a single pane of glass that simplifies any necessary management tasks in your Tintri environment.

The Value of Simplified Management

These days, IT success at scale depends on simplifying infrastructure, automating operations to the greatest extent possible, and ensuring that any remaining monitoring and management tasks are as simple to perform and as intuitive as possible. For our all-flash storage systems, Tintri addresses these needs with a multi-pronged approach:

  • By performing all operations at VM or container granularity, Tintri greatly simplifies management and automation.
  • Tintri autonomous operation including auto-tuned QoS and VM Scale-out is designed to do the right thing with little or no admin intervention.
  • Full REST APIs, PowerShell cmdlets, and other tools facilitate automation using scripts and code.
  • Tintri Global Center provides centralized management and serves as a starting point for all Tintri workflows.

TGC Overview

TGC provides a single point of management for virtualized and cloud environments. Almost all Tintri workflows, including access to the latest Tintri features such as quotas, Tintri Cloud Connector, and synchronous replication, start from TGC.

The software serves as an intelligent, unified control center that facilitates the operation of multiple Tintri storage systems. From a single TGC instance, you can control up to 64 Tintri storage systems and 480,000 VMs. TGC provides complete visibility across your datastores and geographies including aggregate capacity and throughput and latency of your entire infrastructure. You can quickly drill into metrics for an individual storage system or even individual applications.

To simplify management of hundreds or thousands of VMs and containers, Tintri Global Center lets you assign similar applications into Service Groups. You can apply policies—such as quality of service (QoS) or data protection—to an entire Service Group with just a few clicks. As new applications are added to a group, they automatically inherit that group’s policies, and policies remain attached to applications even as you move them between groups.

Tintri VM Scale-out  lets you manage your Tintri all-flash arrays as a single, federated pool of resources, automatically identifying the optimal placement for every application.

Single Pane of Glass Management

With the release of TGC 3.8, Tintri has increased the level of integration between the tools in your Tintri environment. You now have direct and easy access to the overview dashboard, metrics, VMs and hardware page for each of your Tintri all-flash storage systems from within TGC. You no longer have to identify a particular storage system and open a separate UI window to troubleshoot a storage issue, look at hardware configuration, or see the details regarding how a particular storage system is performing.

TGC also now displays graphs of real-time metrics for both storage systems and VMs, providing more granular details into the performance, space, latency, replication, and so on. The greater level of detail further streamlines monitoring and troubleshooting. The screenshot below shows the overview page for a particular storage system as viewed from TGC.

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