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Learn About Your Future With Intelligent Infrastructure

Intelligent Infrastructure Blog - Building Intelligent IT Infrastructure: What it Means, What it Requires, and What it Delivers

Join ESG and Tintri for a webinar on

Building Intelligent IT Infrastructure: What it Means, What it Requires and What it Delivers.

You have probably heard the buzz-phrase “Intelligent Infrastructure” but you may not know what it means, or you might think this is another one of those fluffy marketing terms.  I am here to tell you this is real technology and if it’s not in your life today it certainly will be in your future.  Nearly every hardware company out there is talking about Intelligent Infrastructure.

On this webinar ESG – a leading IT analyst, research, validation and strategy firm – will be presenting their definition of Intelligent Infrastructure and how it will impact the future of data center operations.  Tintri will then showcase how we are providing Intelligent Infrastructure for storage today – and frankly, how we have been doing it for years.

Scott Sinclair a Senior Analyst for ESG and Shawn Meyers, Field CTO with Tintri, will have a discussion regarding what Intelligent Infrastructure is, how it empowers IT operations to deal with the increasingly complex digital environments we all operate in, and what are some of the tangible business results that enterprises can realistically achieve. The IT skills gap – between IT requirements and available, qualified staff to meet those demands – is increasing, and Intelligent Infrastructure, powered by AI and ML, will be the only way to bridge the gap.  Autonomous operations, much like those found in self-driving cars, will be used to handle many of the daily operations needed to keep IT infrastructure and associated applications running smoothly.  Even more important, these new technologies will lead to considerable cost-savings and free up staff to focus on innovation and driving the business forward. How much can you save with Intelligent Infrastructure? You’ll find out during this webinar. The answer may surprise you.

Join us on May 26th at 10am PDT and learn how you can leverage Intelligent Infrastructure today, because it’s the right time to meet your future.

Register to join the Building Intelligent IT Infrastructure webinar and for a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2 at https://mkt..devtintrinew.wpengine.com/americas/event/esg/webcast.  Tintri and ESG look forward to showing you how Intelligent Infrastructure will fundamentally change the way you manage storage and other infrastructure, improving results for you and your organization.

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