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In IT, the Best Day You Can Hope for Is One Where No One’s Yelled at You

May 12, 2020

Dear IT professionals:

I’d like to offer you a word of support. I’ve been there. The constant demands from a business with “caviar tastes on a McDonald’s budget.” The data shows that, on average, we spend 60+ hours per week wrestling with the demands of our jobs:

“Can we meet the demands being asked of me and my team?”

“Do we have the right skills/staff?”

“Can we continue to keep our heads above water?”

During my career in IT, these questions amongst others would play in my head like bad Muzak on an elevator I can’t exit.

Early on, a mentor shared with me some sage advice: “In IT, the best day you can hope for is one where no one’s yelled at you.”

My experience over the next 16 years would prove those words more accurate than not. Like much of my IT brethren, my career would be marked by a continuous cycle of intense productivity followed by burn out. As my IT career progressed, my mission would be to help break this cycle, not only for myself, but most importantly for those that looked to me for leadership. 22 years have passed since I first heard that sage advice and while businesses and technologies have changed over that time – the paradigm for too many IT professionals has not.

At Tintri, we’re laser-focused on breaking this cycle through innovations that enable leaders and professionals such as yourselves to answer an enthusiastic “YES!” to all of the questions above.

Imagine the ability to respond to new initiatives, new applications, and to unforeseen challenges such as those posed by a global pandemic without a second thought.

Imagine infrastructure technology that is so intelligent that you and your staff need zero experience to get the most out of it. No 3-day workshops. No certifications. No worrying about shuffling resources when your expert goes on vacation for a couple of weeks. No racing to a staffing agency when that expert decides to move on.

And imagine that “keeping your head above water” is no longer a struggle because up to 95% of your operational overhead simply evaporates.

These are not the musings of a technology that’s yet-to-exist. These are the real-life experiences of Tintri customers who have spent the last decade redefining their relationship with their businesses and their data centers through Intelligent Infrastructure.

Have I piqued your interest? Are you questioning whether this is too good to be true?

I invite you to our upcoming webcast where three experts including Gartner analyst Phil Dawson, a Tintri customer, and myself will discuss the many benefits of Intelligent Infrastructure and provide real-world examples of why it warrants your consideration. I look forward to seeing you there.



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