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How Enterprise Cloud Can Boost Business

January 19, 2018

Migrating to enterprise cloud can do a lot more for your business than simply give you a more secure and agile place to store files and work on applications. Through cloud computing and enterprise storage, you can enhance profitability, reduce overhead cost, increase productivity, and give your business better odds at success. Here’s how.

Scalability of enterprise cloud

When you choose enterprise cloud storage with an all-flash array (AFA) built for applications and containers, the biggest advantage you have is fast and reliable scalability. Using predictive analytics with Tintri All-Flash Array, for example, will allow you to determine what your storage needs will be up to the next 18 months. You’ll never get that kind of scalability insight from hard disk drive (HDD) storage or even all-flash storage running on logical unit numbers (LUNs) and volumes.

If you’re still running your business on conventional storage, whether it’s on SSD or HDD, scalability issues will cost you time and money, because they require constant manual updating and configuring. With an application-level AFA running your virtual storage and network, you’ll enjoy automation that keeps you from ever manually working on storage again. Your cloud and the applications that run in it will no longer need IT babysitting: that saves money, too.

Using real-time analytics to rapidly resolve any enterprise cloud storage or network issue

With real-time analytics, you can solve problems at the root with one click in seconds. Tintri’s storage management software, Tintri Global Center (TGC), shows you down to the application level where latencies and other issues are occurring. When you can solve problems that are bottlenecking your website, online sales, storage capacity or the speed of your network, you’re going to make and save more money. You can check out the TGC user interface and see exactly how easy real-time analytics, troubleshooting and other “at-your-fingertips” tools are to use with Tintri.

A flexible enterprise cloud is a virtual goldmine—literally

The flexibility of your enterprise cloud is essential to how productive your team can be. Because it’s virtual, enterprise cloud storage can be accessed by anyone you assign a username and password to. That means your team can get things done even when they’re away from their workstations. They’ll have access to files, folders, applications, software and anything else you have on your cloud through their smartphones, laptops, tablets and other web-enabled devices.

All this ease of access means accomplishing more. Your team can share data, information, documents and other files back and forth with ease. This makes collaborative efforts move faster and enables virtual groupthink sessions when things heat up. A tap of the screen on the subway, an application deployed from the living room or a quick check of how things are going at the application-level before getting out of bed. All these things are possible through enterprise cloud, and all this activity means more is getting done all the time—your team is together and virtually engaged.

Simplify your workflow and know your cost of doing business at the most granular level

By using AFAs packed with applications and containers instead of LUNs and volumes, there’s no performance ceiling for any application you want to run, which streamlines operations and makes multiple, concomitant workloads possible. With the poor QoS of outdated LUNs and volumes that make up conventional HDDs and SSDs, you’ll never achieve the level of input/output per second (IOPS) possible through AFAs running applications and containers.

By using per-application isolation, you can assign each application to its own lane—and with Tintri Auto-QoS, you can determine the cost of running that application at the most granular level obtainable. This makes it possible for your business to schedule execution of operations proportionally so resources for each application are equitably distributed for the highest level of performance

Whether your applications are streaming massive amounts of data or executing small transactional I/Os, they can do so concurrently without disturbing one another, allowing more simultaneous workloads and faster completion of tasks. Through machine learning and linear regression algorithms, Tintri software helps you determine how much work you can schedule at any given point in time for optimal, automated results.

Knowing when you’re the most productive and when to slow down are management-level insights that make businesses profitable. These insights are reachable when you put the agility of public cloud in your data center: that’s exactly what Tintri VMstore does for you.

In real-world terms

Accessibility of information, the ability to run tens of thousands of applications at a time and the flexibility enterprise cloud offers your team creates real-world results.

If you have manufacturers in China, having access to files they’re uploading to your cloud at 3 a.m. (your time) is a priceless asset that transforms how quickly you do business.

If you have a wide area network (WAN) and want to see how your team in Germany is doing on the development of a new app, hop on the cloud and take a peak. Don’t like what you see? Deploy an update in your DevOps environment regarding changes you’d like made.

Got scalability on the brain? Check in on your predictive analytics to see what you might need next week, next month, or in a year.

Whatever your business needs for agility, performance, speed, networking, DevOps or even predicting the future, Tintri enterprise cloud storage offers the smartest solutions for today.

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