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Getting Ready to Let Go of the Wheel?

February 12, 2021

Yeah, it sounds like we’re talking about self-driving cars but this question is also becoming increasingly relevant for a growing number of technologies, including information technologies. If you’re in any kind of IT role you don’t need me to tell you that there’s an increasing amount of stuff to manage in today’s data centers – whether on-premises or in the cloud – and a decreasing number of people with the expertise to manage it all in a cost-effective way. So what do we do about this growing gap between infrastructure resources and human resources?

Yes, a lot of infrastructure vendors are talking about AI, machine learning, and automation as a means of addressing the IT skills gap. But even if you can automate many activities, how much value are you getting unless you’re saving a significant amount of time and money…on an ongoing basis regardless of workload and data type? And, how meaningful is it to your IT team and the business unless you can trust technologies to automate the most critical, time-consuming tasks…the ones that need to be done precisely, without mistakes? Nearly 75% of IT professionals say that trust is a major inhibitor to adopting an autonomous approach to IT operations.

On the storage side, we’re talking about technology that lets you take your hands off the wheel and not worry about road rage from rogue SQL queries or traffic jams caused by bottlenecks at network, compute or storage layers. Technology that self-adjusts and gracefully repels reckless apps that try to cut into your IO lane, so you can maintain unimpeded performance – that’s what we call Intelligent Infrastructure. Such a storage system should also be simple to operate. You don’t have to be a mechanic to drive a car, so why should you be a storage admin to operate a storage system?

Most storage companies these days are talking a good game about AI and self-driving systems. But you can’t talk your way to Intelligent Infrastructure – there’s too much cool technology involved and, frankly there’s too much at stake. Organizations need technology they can trust; that gives them the confidence to move forward with autonomous operations for their most important workloads. And they need technology that has a measurable impact on the bottom line. 76% of IT professionals say solutions that deliver AI- and ML-based automation are too expensive to implement, which is ironic, given that such solutions are supposed to reduce operating expenses. With Tintri, our customers and partners do most of the talking. Since 2008, thousands of them have trusted Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure to slash their storage administrative effort by up to 95% – no joke – and save millions of hours and billions of dollars annually. Tintri solutions let you elegantly address the skills gap – by closing it and paving the road to higher efficiencies, lower operating costs and greater innovation from a more productive IT organization.

Come test-drive Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure today – hands on or off – your choice.

For more information on the role of machine learning and automation in storage download the whitepaper.

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