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Three short videos that will make you believe in Intelligent Infrastructure

March 16, 2016

Empower your team and transform how you manage storage for virtualized environments.

Since day one at Tintri, we’ve faced a big challenge: sharing the power of Intelligent Infrastructure. Other storage vendors market “performance” or “cheap prices.” But with VMstore, Tintri solves the fundamental storage problem for virtualized environments. Check out our ultra-short videos below and see storage differently with us.

When we explain that our storage has none of the LUNs, volumes, queuing and other expected markers of storage—resulting in 98% less time to manage VMs directly—our audience has to suspend its disbelief. We know storage admins can do so much more with their time, if only it were freed up. That’s why we’ve bought into the old adage—seeing is believing.

We know we need to put a prospect in front of Tintri’s UI as early as possible in a sales cycle. Once they see it, they get it. And that’s the inspiration behind a new library of product demo videos we’ve just rolled out. There are 19 videos to start, and we’ll be adding more.

We’re keeping it short.

Since we know that nobody wants to watch a 60-minute product demo, each of these videos highlights the capabilities of Intelligent Infrastructure in 2 to 3 minutes. They’re short and personal, and focused on what separates Tintri from the conventional storage crowd.

If you’re new to Tintri, then I recommend you get started with a few videos that I recently recorded. For example, you can learn how to:

  • Find and solve the root cause of a latency issue in seconds. With conventional storage, identifying why a single VM is struggling might require analysis, support calls and manual tuning—which can take hours to days. With Tintri, you can immediately see the root cause across host, network and storage for every single VM.
  • Set quality of service (QoS) for an individual VM. If you want to guarantee performance for a single VM, you don’t need to put it in its own LUN. Here I’ll show you how to use QoS to control a rogue VM or guarantee resources for a mission critical VM.
  • Replicate an individual VM in just a few clicks. That’s far more efficient than replicating an entire LUN (and all the VMs it contains). With VM-aware storage, you can take every storage action at the VM level.

That’s it (for now). We hope these short videos prove that storage can be simple, and that by seeing Intelligent Infrastructure in action, you’ll be convinced that Tintri is different. Want to see more? Check out our entire video library below.

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