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Tintri Geek Out Technology Demo Series

Come Geek Out With Us!

What in the world is the Geek Out! Technology Demo Series?  Well, here at Tintri we listen to our users and tailor our technology to their most pressing IT needs.  Certain pain points are acute, so we pair our sharpest engineers with the best solutions to show you how Tintri VMstore technology and its features can ease your work burden and improve your life.  Geek Out! sessions are by geeks for geeks, and geeks know how to have a good time!  Come curious, ready to laugh, learn, and Geek Out! over Tintri VMstore.

Have a topic that you would like us to cover in our next Geek Out? Share your feedback with us HERE.

Geek OUT! - A Brief History Of Tintri

A Brief History of Tintri

Let’s step outside together and gaze at the universe of possibilities! Have you ever wondered how we got here? What is our purpose? No, we’re not talking about philosophy or cosmology – we mean why Tintri VMstore was invented and what it means for your life in the data center and beyond.

Join us April 19th 10 AM PT/1 PM ET/6 PM GMT for our Geek Out! Technology Demo Series session: A Brief History of Tintri. Myriad discoveries are on the horizon, such as:

  • What foundational principles drove the creation of VMstore
  • How understanding past behavior of your VMs can help predict the future
  • How you can go back in time without breaking the laws of physics

On-Demand Geek Out Sessions

Tom Maddox - Replication Man

Prepare to see double, triple, and more!  Replication Man, aka. Tintri SE Tom Maddox, is here to show the world synchronous replication (SyncRepl), a Tintri feature which allows virtual machines to be kept in an identical state across two VMstores.

Our hero will uncover all the secrets of SyncRepl, like:

  • How it works
  • Benefit to the customer: real-time protection for critical workloads
  • Manual vs. automatic failover
  • Setting up a SyncRepl service group
  • Configuring a witness server for automatic failover
  • Failover scenarios

TGC Madness

No need to lose it, man!  Watch our Geek Out! Technology Demo Series session: TGC Madness, presented by Shawn Meyers to learn what Tintri Global Center is all about.  His tips and tricks will help make admin life better, as you learn how to:

  • Manage and monitor up to 64 systems as one, with complete visibility into all individual VMs.
  • Set up groups, then apply data protection and service level policies across your footprint – no manual intervention required.
  • Push “execute” and let VMstore do the rest – crunching one million stats about your apps every ten minutes to recommend the best app placement for optimum utilization and performance.

Choose Your Holiday!

Join us for our Geek Out! Technology Demo Series session: Choose Your Holiday with Tintri, presented by Steve Phillips.

There won’t just be egg in that noggin when you learn about:

  • Leveraging service groups
  • The new UI in Tintri Global Center
  • Any other VMstore interests you want to discuss

Jingle your bells and join us for the festivities. We’re traveling back to 1988 for trivia this go around. Questions will cover Die Hard (YES, it’s a holiday movie) and Scrooged, so get watching!

Keep the Ransomware Goblins Away

Expect the best kind of chills, as you learn about:

  • What to do when an attack happens
  • What factors affect remediation
  • How to protect data and minimize risk
  • How close you can get to zero RPO/RTO

Trick or Treat your way to our most ghoulish Geek Out! ever, and consider preparing by watching a scary movie or listening to Thriller.  There will be trivia!

Analytics Makes the Invisible Visible

Unexpected will be a thing of the past after learning about:

  •     Analytics-based cyber resilience
  •     Predictive analytics-based planning
  •     Monitoring trends by managed object
  •     Understanding application resources consumption

Toss the tea leaves and tear up the astrology chart, because the stars have already aligned for your data management!  It’s time to discover how Tintri Analytics Makes the Invisible Visible!

SyncVM "Refreshment" Disks

Ever need to refresh your data and don’t have the time? Need a database reset for testing or QA and can’t afford to wait hours, let alone days? Pour yourself a nice, cool drink and join us to learn how Tintri can make data management much more refreshing!

Happy Little VMs

There’s nothing wrong with having a VM for a friend. The secret to hosting happy little VMs is believing you can do it. Anything that you strongly believe you can do, you can do. As long as you have VMstore. Tintri doesn’t make noisy neighbors. We just make happy little VMs! Isn’t there a happy little virtual storage administrator hidden inside every single one of us? Let’s find out together!

May the Analytics be With You

Take your Tintri experience into hyperspace with Tintri Analytics! Explore the universe of data insights available in Tintri Analytics with Steve Phillips, Principal SE. In this Forceful session, you’ll answer the below questions with the guidance of your own Jedi Master. By the end of this Geek Out!, you WILL BE a Tintri Analytics Apprentice.

Keep Your Head in the VMstore Cloud

Who would have thought that keeping your head in the clouds could save you time and money! It definitely depends on the cloud. With Tintri’s VMstore Cloud Connector, you get off-site protection at the VM level with immutable backups and the ability to restore in seconds. We’ll show you all about VMstore Service Groups, Cloud Connector, and SyncVM, so come with your head in the cloud!

TGC - Now Featuring vSphere Tags!

The latest releases of Tintri Global Center now supports vSphere Tags, which extends more VMware functionality to the VMstore, providing you the administrator more insight and greater flexibility in managing your many various workloads. Come learn about how Tintri supports these tags and how it can make your life easier!

VDI Tamer

VDI may start out quite tame. You have everything organized and managed. However, if you don’t have the right tools at your immediate disposal, VDI can turn into a ferocious beast overnight. Avoid getting caught in the lion’s den alone. Let Tintri show you how to become a VDI Tamer!

Dr. Sleepwell

Dreaming of a good night’s rest? Knowing the myriad tasks that need to get done can make it hard to relax. Tintri has the prescription to improve your sleep, and it’s not melatonin. Meet Dr. Sleepwell! He’s here to cure your sleepless nights.

SQL Vision!

Witness how SQL Integrated Storage will revolutionize your workflows that administrators deal with daily! Learn to manage storage at the database level, offering clarity that helps solve problems! Discover ways to speed up development cycles and lower the operational burden of non-production databases!

You're the Star of the Data Center!

We can’t always predict what may be coming at us, but we can resolve to prepare ourselves for any eventuality of IT changes and challenges. Learn to navigate through the numerous options for efficiently backing up and restoring VMs, challenge your analytical skills, and discover the secret to defeating ransomware or automating your workload balancing tasks.

Ransomware Recovery

With all the day-to-day data center distractions, data protection and recovery aren’t always top of mind and attackers know this. Ransomware loves a good distraction, but with Tintri by your side, you can rest assured that your data will be there when it’s needed most.

Data Recovery

Have you ever deleted the wrong VM or discovered that a critical application got corrupted? Ever have an upgrade go south? Come “Geek Out” with our storage experts and learn how to save things before they completely go off the rails. Tintri has some unique tools to get you back up and running fast!

VMstore T7000

Come “Geek Out” with our storage experts and learn about the VMstore T7000 series – an all-NVMe, workload intelligent, auto-adaptive platform that promises to be our most efficient and powerful to date. We created the T7000 series with flexibility and cost-based optimization, enabling you to find the best configuration to meet your challenging and unique workload demands.

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