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Tintri Geek Out Technology Demo Series

You're the Star of the Data Center!

Start your new year off right and choose your own adventure with this unique Tintri Geek Out! Technology Demo Series Session on January 5, 2022!

  • Learn to navigate through the numerous options for efficiently backing up and restoring VMs.
  • Challenge your analytical skills, as we discuss how to understand what performance impact a new application would have.
  • Discover the secret to defeating ransomware or automating your workload balancing tasks.

On-Demand Geek Out Sessions


“Geek Out” with us and see for yourself how Tintri can protect your data so you can bake those cookies and get to bed early because Ransomware isn’t going to ruin your holiday.

  • The Tintri filesystem has always had immutable snapshots
  • Tintri Analytics gives you Realtime views to quickly identify Ransomware in your infrastructure
  • Tintri’s Ransomware Defense has zero performance impact on production systems

The VMstore T7000 Series

We created the T7000 series with flexibility and cost-based optimization enabling you to find the best configuration to meet your challenging and unique workload demands.

  • 30% faster for greater productivity – driving better end user application experiences for demanding workloads
  • Flexible growth from 10 drive populated bays up to 24 drives; patented non-disruptive drive-by-drive expansion
  • High efficiency enables more VMs in footprint – better cost-efficiency and easier management

Data Protection and Recovery Techniques

Ever have an upgrade go south? Ever deleted the wrong VM or discover a corrupted application? Learn how to save things before they completely go off the rails, Tintri has unique tools to get you back up and running fast!

  • Recover a VM in seconds from one of many snapshots with just a few clicks
  • See how Tintri can recover groups of VMs to a previous state in minutes without third-party tools
  • Discover how development can be accelerated using instant VM reversion
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