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Camp Tintri Geek Out! – A Manual of Snapshots for Disaster Recovery

Greetings Geek Out Scouts!

“Be prepared!”

The Geek Out Scouts motto is a shining example of a virtue that all upstanding data administrators hold close to their merit badge-covered hearts. Unlike other scouting organizations that have similar mottos, scouts who use Tintri technology to manage their data can guarantee that they will be prepared for any situation, no matter what!

Stop by Camp Tintri for our special Geek Out! Scouts Technology Demo Series – A Manual of Snapshots for Disaster Recovery. Scoutmasters Peter Purcell and Steve Phillips host a refresher course on snapshots for disaster recovery and prevention straight from the manual!  During the show you’ll learn:

-The ease of capturing the moment with snapshots!

-How to avoid getting tied up in knots when disaster strikes!

-Protecting your data by always being prepared through automatic data protection!

So swing by the recovery building at Camp Tintri for a refresher course on the best way that you can prepare your organization’s data for anything using Tintri’s snapshots for disaster recovery and prevention!

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