New Tintri VMstore NVMe-based Platforms Deliver the Latest Pinnacle in Performance, Density, and Scale

Next-Generation VMstore T7000 Platforms with 30% Performance Boost and Fully Autonomous Operations Drive Better End User Application Experiences

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Oct. 19, 2021 – Tintri®, a DDN® subsidiary and the leading provider of auto adaptive, workload intelligent platforms, today expanded its line of VMstore™ T7000 NVMe-based systems to include the VMstore T7060 and T7040 platforms. VMstore, the world’s most intelligent storage management system, features AI-driven autonomous operations, app-level visibility and real-time and predictive analytics for hands-off operations for nearly all administrative tasks – reducing administrative overhead by as much as 95%.

Legacy meets Innovation

The T7000 series leverages the same highly trusted NVMe hardware used by DDN systems in most demanding AI, analytics, deep learning, and high IOPS environments to provide 30% faster performance than previous-generation VMstore systems – at prices comparable to previous generation all-flash systems. NVMe-driven performance and efficiencies enable more VMs in a footprint and better cost efficiency, while autonomous operations eliminate the majority of manual tasks, saving time and reducing errors.

„As enterprise storage is more and more being managed by IT generalists and other constituencies that do not have a deep storage background, ease of use has become an increasingly critical purchase criteria,“ said Eric Burgener, research vice president, Infrastructure Systems Platforms and Technologies, IDC. „Ease of storage management has always been a differentiating value proposition for Tintri, and their new NVMe-based storage platforms feature enhanced artificial intelligence-driven operations that make these systems even easier to use.“

Granular Real-Time and Predictive Analytics

Tintri’s VMstore T7000 series’ predictive analytics can precisely forecast resource requirements to optimize performance and capacity up to 18 months in advance, eliminating overprovisioning and wasted resources. Real-time analytics can pinpoint bottlenecks across storage, network and compute layers within seconds, avoiding hours, or potentially days, of troubleshooting. Tintri’s unique file system provides auto-performance management, granular visibility and control at the managed object level, enabling administrators to oversee workloads and eliminate LUN-centric management.

Scalable and Secure

The VMstore T7000 series provides flexible options at installation. Users can choose the performance level and storage capacity required, knowing the system can easily scale to meet changing business needs. T7000 systems can increase from 10 drive populated bays up to 24 drives without downtime leveraging Tintri’s patented non-disruptive drive-by-drive expansion. In addition, it includes Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) and FIPS-compliant software encryption with Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) to satisfy security requirements.

“The Workload Intelligence driven efficiencies and optimizations of VMstore are the reason it has held the title of the most revolutionary storage management appliance on the market for more than a decade,” said Graham Breeze, vice president of Products, Tintri. “VMstore truly is a self-driving system that provides the unparalleled VM density required for deploying virtual infrastructures and accommodating the enterprise’s dynamics and changing needs.”


Tintri VMstore T7000 platforms (T7080, T7060, T7040) are available now directly from Tintri and through certified partners. TxOS 5.2, the newest version of the VMstore operating system, is now supported on the entire T7000 product line.

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