Tintri Recognizes Inspirational Customers and Partners in Inaugural Game Changer Awards

Award Recipients Honored for Innovation with Leveraging Tintri Products and Solutions for the Advancement of Business

SANTA CLARA, Calif. Oct. 5, 2020 Tintri®, provider of Intelligent Infrastructure for enterprises, recently honored its commendable customers and partners in the inaugural Tintri Game Changer Awards. Recognized by DDN® and Tintri CEO Alex Bouzari and Tintri general manager Tom Ellery, the inspirational award recipients were announced during the Tintri Momentum Concert that took place virtually on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020.

Nominated globally by Tintri ecosystem, these industrious individuals and organizations exemplify what it means to be a “Game Changer.” Finalists and winners were chosen by Tintri leaders based on the innovative ways they have leveraged Tintri products and solutions, VMstore™, IntelliFlash® or NexentaStor®, to solve challenging problems, enable outstanding business results and alter the trajectory of their organizations or the ones they support.

“We developed Intelligent Infrastructure solutions to ensure Tintri customers and partners succeed in meeting the demanding requirements in today’s complex data centers. The Game Changer Awards provide an opportunity to underscore the inventive ways thousands of customers have adapted these next generation solutions to meet their ongoing business requirements,” said Ellery. “This inaugural celebration of the individuals and organizations from the Tintri community who have gone above and beyond allows us to express our appreciation for their unyielding dedication, professional skills and willingness to embrace innovative solutions, truly exemplifying what it means to be a ‘Game Changer.’”

Though many Tintri customers and partners were honored during the celebration, below are examples highlighting challenges and solutions from a few Tintri Game Changers.

Tintri Customer Spotlight

  • Kunihiro Yamazaki, IT Service Gr. Professional, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. – Yamazaki is a true „game changer“ who produces results through an uncompromising pursuit of the best. When extending the scale of VDI from 18,000 machines in 2017, he conducted detailed POC from many angles, including capacity and performance, on various vendors, not only Tintri. The result was the selection and introduction of Tintri, which offers both deduplication and stable performance. This allowed for the complete upgrade to Windows 10, an important issue, without adding extra resources. Furthermore, even now, with a massive VDI environment covering 80,000 users, those users are very satisfied because they can maintain steady performance, capacity, and uptime while making use of Tintri features such as automated QoS.

“We selected Tintri because we gave it high marks for both great performance and efficient use of capacity. In addition, we assessed Tintri highly for offering consistently stable service and expandability without extra hassle,” said Yamazaki. “In fact, even after we went from the first 18,000 machines we were operating with VDI to about four times as many with 80,000 machines presently, we’ve been able to keep working with an infrastructure operating staff of five people the whole time, and I think that has had a big impact.”

  • Steve Bartholomew, Director, IT Global Architecture, Avaya – Bartholomew believes that game changers do more with less. It’s become an imperative in today’s environment, which is why Bartholomew strives to maximize the value from IT investments while ensuring that his team is focused on initiatives that will propel the business forward. The move to cloud has created new opportunities to increase organizational flexibility, and Tintri has played a role in helping to reduce the overhead and resources needed to support the company’s cloud strategy. Avaya has been able to grow its Tintri footprint without growing the number of resources needed to commission and manage the platform.

“With Tintri we don’t need to spend time and resources thinking about our storage, and that frees us up to focus on infrastructure, data centers and the global network supporting our business operations,” said Bartholomew. “Tintri’s got me covered and that makes all our jobs easier.”

Tintri Partner Spotlight

  • Magnus Osturlund, Solution Specialist, Iver – Osturlund believes that game changers are at the forefront of an industry that’s constantly evolving. He enjoys digging into new technologies and discovering how to leverage what’s next for his customer’s benefit. That also means exploring new ways to solve issues impacting a customer’s business. That was the case when an existing storage solution was creating performance issues for customers. Osturlund and his team sought out a solution that wouldn’t simply improve performance, but could also deliver time, resources and cost-saving benefits as well. The migration to Tintri was fast, easy and so seamless that customers were unaware of the transition – except to call the Iver service desk and remark how good performance had become.

“When a Swede calls to say something is good, you know it’s really good,” said Osturlund. “With Tintri we get customers up quickly and they get better performance sooner. You could say I’m a Tintri-holic because it makes my job easier and I can spend more time helping our customers move faster, too.”

  • Lou Melograna, CTO and Vice President, StarNet Solutions – For Melograna, a game changer is someone who wakes up every day wanting to make a difference. When he saw how Tintri could make a difference for StarNet clients, Melograna believed it was his job to show them, too. One customer at a time, he liberated IT teams from the headaches of managing their existing storage solutions. Today those engineers are spending time adding value to their organizations instead of sitting at keyboards struggling with systems that aren’t working for them. How much time? When one customer was implementing VDI, Melograna’s passionate advocacy for Tintri resulted in a dramatic reduction in boot time – a full 60 seconds per VDI.

“If I’m bringing a solution to my clients, it’s because I truly believe in it, and that’s exciting for me,” said Melograna. “I want to make my clients’ jobs easier and do what’s best for their business, and Tintri helps me do that every time.”

A full list of Tintri Game Changer Awards finalists and winners can be found online here. For more information about the Tintri Game Changer Awards global program and 2021 submissions, visit /game-changer-awards/.

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