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Tintri Game Changer Award

Driving a Positive Change

Some organizations and/or their employees serve as a source of inspiration by consistently pursuing and demonstrating excellence. The Tintri Game Changer Award recognizes such members from the Tintri community – customers and partners that have leveraged Tintri products and solutions to solve challenging problems, enable outstanding business results and alter the trajectory of their organizations or the ones they support.

The Game Changer Award also recognizes specific individuals who have made a difference in their organizations. These people have had an undeniably positive impact on the lives of their colleagues and customers with their unyielding dedication, professional skills, and willingness to go the extra mile to make things happen. In other words, they’ve “changed the game”.

The Tintri Game Changer Award honors these individuals and organizations and celebrates their achievements.


We will begin accepting nominations for the 2021 Game Changer Awards soon.


What is the Tintri Game Changer Award program?

The Tintri Game Changer Award is a global program that recognizes industrious and innovative Tintri partners and customers – and individuals within those entities – that are transforming organizations using Tintri products and solutions.

Who is eligible to receive a Tintri Game Changer Award?

  • Any Tintri customer (or associated employee) that is using one of the following: Tintri VMstore storage system, Tintri IntelliFlash storage system, or Tintri NexentaStor product.
  • Any authorized Tintri channel partner (or associated employee)

Who can submit a nomination for a Tintri Game Changer Award?

We encourage Tintri customers, partners, and employees to submit nominations for individuals and organizations that exemplify what it means to be a Game Changer. The nomination form includes a “Reason for Nomination” section can be used to provide specific details that explain why the organization or individual you are nominating should be selected, including any tangible financial or organizational results. Stay tuned for the nomination window for 2021.

How will finalists and winners be selected and notified?

Finalists and winners will be chosen by Tintri leaders. Once selected, finalists and winners will be notified via email.

Tintri Game Changers - Winners

2020 Tintri Game Changer Award Winners

Learn what it means to be a game changer and meet the customers and partners who went above and beyond to be chosen as this year’s award winners.

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