Tintri Announces Two New Cloud Solutions — Tintri Cloud Platform (TCP) and Tintri Cloud Engine (TCE) Virtual VMstore Platform

LAS VEGAS (VMware Explore Booth #805) – Aug. 22, 2023 – Tintri®, a DDN® subsidiary and leading provider of VM-aware AI-powered data management solutions, today announced two new offerings that enable customers to leverage the advantages of a cloud infrastructure powered by Tintri. Tintri Cloud Platform (TCP) leverages the efficiency, transparency and flexibility Tintri customers rely on without the hardware investment. Tintri Cloud Engine (TCE) is a container-driven VMstore platform that allows current customers to add a hybrid cloud deployment to their existing infrastructure.


Tintri Cloud Platform: Integration of VMstore Environments

Tintri Cloud Platform enables customers to experience the benefits of a Tintri VMstore-powered managed cloud infrastructure. TCP is a full turnkey offering that provides scalability and flexibility delivering host-in-cloud as well as process-in-cloud capabilities. TCP also offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) ensuring continuity of critical workloads in the event of a disaster.

Businesses have consistently turned to Tintri for ease of use, predictable performance and stable service. SK Food Group, a custom food manufacturing company serving customers across North America, utilizes TCP allowing the company to focus on strengthening business operations, leveraging the platform’s intelligence to stay ahead of the curve.

“At SK Food Group, we’re committed to quality from start to finish. We sustained a tremendous amount of growth in a short period of time and we knew that the previous backend infrastructure wouldn’t be able to keep up with the data workloads,” said Melissa Stone, Director of IT, SK Food Group, Inc. “Tintri Cloud Platform simplified operations and reduced IT burdens, allowing us to focus on what matters most – our customers. We have been able to rely on TCP to not only help us grow and meet our business goals, but it provided us with the flexibility to do the work that we needed to do even with a minimal internal IT staff.”


TCE Virtual Platform Compliments VMstore T7000 Series in Simple Cloud Deployment

Tintri Cloud Engine decouples Tintri’s AI-powered software from the VMstore T7000 hardware platform, providing customers with the flexibility to deploy Tintri technologies outside of the private data center. TCE is purpose-built for virtualized workloads, opening the door to new levels of infrastructure efficiency in hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Running in the cloud as a container, TCE provides enhanced data protection enabling snapshots of on-prem workloads to be replicated to cloud-based storage leveraging Tintri Native Async Replication. With TCE snapshot replication, customers leverage the cost-efficiencies of cloud storage while increasing disaster recovery capabilities and ransomware protection.

With the massive influx of data and mobile workforces over the past few years, there is a critical need to implement a more flexible and interconnected IT ecosystem to manage the size and complexity of applications. TCE is designed to address this shift in the IT market and will give users a complete view into their hybrid cloud needs.

“Tintri solutions have been VM-aware since the beginning and our unique architecture is meant specifically for virtual data sets, making our solutions perfectly positioned to meet new customer challenges as data and application implementation becomes more distributed,” said Phil Trickovic, SVP of Revenue, Tintri. “The new Tintri Cloud Platform and Tintri Cloud Engine offerings are a testament to our commitment to providing customers with all of the tools they need to manage their infrastructure, no matter the size of their workloads or where they are on their hybrid cloud transformation journey.”


TCP and TCE Availability

TCP is available today for new and existing customers. TCE is available for new and existing Tintri VMstore T7000 customers running Amazon Web Services (AWS).  For more information, contact a Tintri sales representative or visit https://tintri.com/company/talk-to-an-expert/.


About Tintri

Tintri, a wholly owned subsidiary of DataDirect Networks (DDN), delivers purpose-built solutions to store and manage virtual machines in enterprise data-centers. Thousands of customers have saved countless administrative hours using Tintri’s innovative technologies. Explore the Tintri portfolio of solutions at https://www.tintri.com.



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