Tintri Announces SQL Integrated Storage, Enabling Autonomous Operations, Precise Control, and Assured Performance for SQL Server Workloads

Intelligent Infrastructure Revolutionizes Storage Management for SQL Server Databases 


SANTA CLARA, Calif.July 15, 2020 — Tintri®, provider of Intelligent Infrastructure for enterprises, today announced Tintri SQL Integrated Storagean innovative storage technology that delivers unparalleled visibility, automation and control for virtual and physical Microsoft SQL Server databases. This offering ushers in a new era for SQL Server customers, enabling simplified, intelligent storage management that drives efficiencies, empowers DBAs and provides a consistent end-user experience.  

Building on the highly differentiated Tintri VMstore™Intelligent Infrastructure platform, Tintri SQL Integrated Storage is the industry’s first storage solution to provide integration, analytics,  autonomous management and data protection at the individual database level. SQL Integrated Storage drives higher efficiencies with end-to-end visibility and actionable insights across the SQL Server database infrastructure stack from a single viewOffering a game-changing combination of machine learning (ML)-driven automation and granular self-service controlTintri SQL Integrated Storage delivers an outstanding experience for DBAs, infrastructure staff, and database users.    

“Managing database storage presents real challenges to both database administrators and storage managers, primarily because of a lack of visibility on the storage side.  For the best efficiency, storage operations need to be applied at the individual database level but enterprise storage platforms do not provide that level of visibility,” said Eric Burgener, research vice president, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC.  “With their SQL Integrated Storage, Tintri builds upon their heritage of delivering efficient and granular virtual machine level storage management to provide this same desirable capability for Microsoft SQL Server databases – a feature which will drive greater operating efficiencies.”   

Tintri SQL Integrated Storage automatically optimizes and maintains performance for each SQL Server database – even during data protection and cloning processes that typically affect database service levels. Enterprises also gain real-time insight to pinpoint database hotspots before users are affected. By eliminating countless hours of tuning, troubleshooting and analysis associated with legacy storage configurations, organizations can reduce database storage administrative overhead by up to 95%. Businesses can also lower capital expenses with a simplified storage architecture that enables up to thousands of SQL Server databases to be managed within a single repository – eliminating the aggregated inefficiency of traditional storage solutions.  

Additional Tintri SQL Integrated Storage key capabilities include: 

  • Unparalleled Visibility – Combines broad visibility across the database infrastructure stack with granular performance and capacity metrics and visualization, including per-database latency, IOPs, throughput and space usage. Enables real-time identification of database inventory and outliers to accelerate problem resolution and address database sprawl. 
  • Self-Service Empowerment – Autonomous operations and simplified database-level management enable DBA self-sufficiency and eliminate the need for deep storage expertise. Eliminates helpdesk tickets, improves operational efficiency and enables storage and database experts to focus on more strategic activities.  
  • Predictable Performance and Auto Quality of Service (QoS) – Isolates each database from one another and from other workloads to ensure predictable I/O and consistent user experience. Dynamically adjusts resources and auto-tunes databases as I/O requirements change, maintaining sub-millisecond latency for each database. Enables rapid, non-disruptive cloning of production databases to offload the performance impact of maintenance and reporting operations.  
  • Effortless, Non-Disruptive Data Protection – Simplifies data protection with flexible policy-based snapshot copies for individual databases or groups of databases. Instant, zero-stun snapshots have no performance impact on production databases or users. Databases can also be recovered individually, within seconds. 
  • Fast, Cost-Efficient Development – Accelerates development cycles with instant database-level clones that incur zero performance impact and consume zero space upon creation. Simplifies test cycles by refreshing databases in seconds, compared to hours when using backup and restore methods.  Enables each developer to have a dedicated database sandbox, enabling more productive parallel development workflows.  
  • Predictive Analytics and Planning  Leverages machine-learning and three years of historical data to accurately predict future capacity and performance requirements up to 18 months aheadUtilizes sophisticated “what-if analysis and scenarios to convey the performance and capacity impact of additional SQL Servers and avoid over– and underprovisioning resources 

“DBAs and infrastructure admins often manage storage at different levels. Not having insight that’s commonly understood by each team increases overhead and drives inefficiencies,” said Tomer Hagay, CTO and head of product, Tintri. “The storage layer should deliver more than just performance, availability and capacity. With Tintri SQL Integrated Storage, we combine database-level insights, real-time telemetry and machine learning to deliver intelligent infrastructure that autonomously optimizes and manages storage operations, while providing self-service and control for DBAs.” 

Availability, Requirements, and Support
SQL Integrated Storage is available now directly from Tintri and through certified partners. It is also available as a software upgrade for existing customers. Product requirements and support include:

  • MS-SQL Server 2016 and above 
  • Windows Server 2016 and above 
  • Tintri Global Center (TGC) Advanced Licenses or Tintri VMstore Software Suite 
  • TGC 5.x and VMstore 4.6.x 

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About Tintri 

Based in Silicon Valley, Tintri is a wholly owned subsidiary of DataDirect Networks (DDN), the data-at-scale powerhouse and world’s largest privately held storage company. Tintri delivers unique outcomes in Enterprise data centers. Tintri’s AI-enabled intelligent infrastructure learns your environment to drive automation. Analytical insights help you simplify and accelerate your operations and empower data-driven business insights. Thousands of Tintri customers have saved millions of management hours using Tintri. Choose differently, the choice is yours. Learn more about the Tintri portfolio of solutions at https://www.tintri.com/products 


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