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We often delve into the best parts of Tintri’s uniquely purpose-built technology through blogs, white papers, and the like. The fastest route, however, to the data management solution of your dreams, is to see it up close and personal. To that end, we go LIVE all over the world. You can engage with our experts face-to-face, and you can join them via webinar several times a year.

Don't miss your chance to see why Tintri is simply ingenious!

Upcoming Corporate & Field Events

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On-Demand Webinars & Events

Transform Your Hypervisor Landscape with Tintri
Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware is being viewed as disruptive to the IT strategy of many organizations. Please join Tintri to network and learn our take on shifting the IT disruption to IT construction. With over 15 years experience as a universal virtualization platform, Tintri is purpose-built to accommodate change and avoid vendor lock-in.
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Camp Tintri Geek Out! - A Manual of Snapshots for Disaster Recovery
Greetings Geek Out Scouts! “Be prepared!” The Geek Out Scouts motto is a shining example of a virtue that all upstanding data administrators hold close to their merit badge-covered hearts. Unlike other scouting organizations that have similar mottos, scouts who use Tintri technology to manage their data can guarantee that they will be prepared for any situation, no matter what! Stop by Camp Tintri for our special Geek Out! Scouts Technology Demo Series – A Manual of Snapshots for Disaster Recovery. Scoutmasters Peter Purcell and Steve Phillips host a refresher course on snapshots for disaster recovery and prevention straight from the manual!  During the show you’ll learn: -The ease of capturing the moment with snapshots! -How to avoid getting tied up in knots when disaster strikes! -Protecting your data by always being prepared through automatic data protection! So swing by the recovery building at Camp Tintri for a refresher course on the best way that you can prepare your organization’s data for anything using Tintri’s snapshots for disaster recovery and prevention!
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Geek Out! Technology Demo Series Presents: CLOUDOPOLIS
Prepare to marvel at the thrilling and far-flung future of 2024! Fire up your anti-gravity pack and climb aboard your very own Tintri Cloud Platform to gaze out at the technological wonders of tomorrow when you pay a visit to… CLOUDOPOLIS! Join us for our Geek Out! Technology Demo Series – Welcome to Cloudopolis! .  Tintri’s resident futurist Sam Newton reveals all the gadgets, bells, and whistles you can expect to have in your very own virtual data center – Tintri Cloud Platform! Leverage the efficiency, transparency, and flexibility of Tintri VMstore – because it’s powered by VMstore! Every enhanced feature you could want, all at your fingertips – Compute, network, storage, security, backup, disaster recovery, and more! All through TCP’s Infrastructure as a Service! Data disasters are a thing of the past with TCP’s Disaster Recovery as a Service! Ensure continuity of critical workloads in the event of any type of data loss! With Tintri Cloud Platform the sky’s the limit for your data! Book your trip to Cloudopolis to learn more about Tintri’s data center of tomorrow… today!
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Tintri Geek Out! Technology Demo Series: Elite 8 DevOps
If you run a big-time DevOps environment, no need to travel at the end of the month to a large, crowded venue for the Elite Eight. Tintri is bringing its own version right to you a few days early. Join us for Geek Out! Technology Demo Series Madness: Elite 8 DevOps. Team Tintri’s power forward (aka. Principal SE John Davis) and point guard (aka. Principal SE Steve Phillips) will help you advance to the next DevOps round by demonstrating these moves: Enhancing PowerShell and Orchestrator for CI/CD with powerful Tintri features Deploying, configuring, and destroying multiple VMs repeatedly Highlighting the magic of SyncVM in CI/CD workflows Creating lifelike examples of process deployment With Tintri VMstore on your team, you won’t just deliver the buzzer beater that wins the game; you can award your organization its own DevOps “One Shining Moment”.
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Tintri Geek Out! Technology Demo Series session: Quantum Geek
This day comes around once in a lifetime! Step into the Quantum Geek accelerator and leap ahead of legacy storage, a quantum leap forward in your management of VMs. Tintri offers a robust PowerShell Toolkit which enables administrators to automate administrative tasks, create workflows, and design custom dashboards. There are no limits to where you jump to next. Dr. Sam Beckett (aka. Tintri Field CTO Shawn Meyers) and his trusted assistant Al Calavicci (aka. Tintri Principal SE Steve Phillips) will help you alter your virtual data management history by demonstrating: How to get started How to time travel in a virtual machineHow to make clones How to view inventory PLUS an added surprise, if Ziggy can keep the demo gremlins away 🙂 Don’t awake to find yourself trapped in the past of outdated solutions, facing complex systems that are not your own. Change your IT future for the better!
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Geek Out! Technology Demo Series session: Tidings & Trivia
It’s that tinsel-y time of year, so we’re closing out our 2023 Geek Out!s with one last show: Tidings & Trivia! Grab your festive frocks and frosted fruitcake (say that five times fast!) for this one-of-a-kind holiday event.
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Ham IT Up
Join us for holiday ham heaven! Tintri is closing out the year with one last Fool-ish cooking event: Ham It Up.
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BBQ Brunch and Burgers Virtual Event
Join Tintri for the ultimate technology brunch mashup! We are bringing back the Original Grillin’ Fool, Scott Thomas, to make all the tasty eats on his flat iron grill. He will even address seasoning this bbq griddle, something most folks find intimidating but is quite simple.
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Turkey Time with Tintri – November 2022
Scott Thomas from Grillin’ Fools showcases some new and creative ways of preparing the Thanksgiving bird (can you say “spatchcock”?), as well as offering alternative proteins for your upcoming celebrations. We paired Scott’s expertise with sommelier, Denis Mueller’s great advice on choosing the best wines and highlight a few of her favorites. Your favorite host and Tintri geek, principal SE Steve Phillips, brings along Tintri customer, Matt English, from Penske Automotive for some tech talk about the key features of our technology and answers some of the audience’s most pressing IT questions.
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Q’s and Brews – 9/15/2022
We have the brews and qs, now all we need is YOU! Join Tintri and Veeam® at our virtual BBQ experience to prepare you for tailgating season. Back by popular demand, the original Grillin’ Fool, Scott Thomas, shows us how to prep and prepare the best BBQ beef ribs! With Tintri + Veeam you get the best of breed for both primary storage for VM data and backup infrastructure.
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Ribs and Reds – 8/3/2022
Back by popular demand, the original Grillin’ Fool, Scott Thomas, showed us how to prep and BBQ fall off the bone ribs: baby back, spare, and St. Louis style. Watch and learn how to trim down a slab of spares into a slab of St. Louis style, one of Scott’s best money-saving tips. Through it all, our very own Principal SE Steve Phillips chats with customers about some of their everyday IT issues, biggest infrastructure problems, and how Tintri helped to solve them.
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Turkey Time with Tintri – November 2021
Scott Thomas joined us to share his grilling wisdom and to show us how to take the oven back and put a more favorable turkey on the table with less stress and in less time. While Scott talks turkey, our very own Steve Phillips from Tintri will be chatting with one of our customers about how Tintri helped solved their top-of-mind IT infrastructure issues and what they are going to be focused on in 2022.
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Grill and Chill – 9/23/2021
Join the original Grillin’ Fool, Scott Thomas, for some expert tips on what to look for when buying different cuts of steaks, including a rib eye, filet mignon, NY Strip, Porterhouse and T-Bone. While Scott grills, our very own Steve Phillips from Tintri chills with customers and discusses some of their biggest IT infrastructure headaches, common problems and how Tintri helped to solve them.
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