Tintri Expands Its Fully Integrated Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Solution with Synchronous Replication

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., January 24, 2017 – Tintri, Inc, a leading provider of enterprise cloud infrastructure, today announced the general availability of Tintri Synchronous Replication, an integral part of Tintri’s Data Protection and Disaster Recovery (DP/DR) solution. The solution offers fully integrated primary and secondary storage—including all the capabilities of virtualization-aware storage (VAS) with compelling economics.

Tintri’s DP/DR solution is comprised of Tintri VMstore arrays and its highly differentiated Tintri Software Suite – including Tintri Global Center, Synchronous Replication, ReplicateVM and SecureVM. The solution makes it easy to maintain seamless operation and minimize recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) for mission critical applications. Tintri native snapshot capabilities allow first line of defense data protection and recovery. Tintri also integrates with backup solutions such as Veeam and Commvault while using any secondary storage, and will soon also offer native protection of Tintri snapshots from on-premises to public cloud storage through an S3 Connector.

With Tintri’s snapshot-based space saving features, the DP / DR solution offers compelling economics both in terms of efficiency and OpEx savings, even compared with secondary storage solutions. And Tintri’s solution provides valuable features that are not available from other providers, including full control and visibility of latency across host, network and storage for both primary and secondary storage and newly released Tintri Synchronous Replication.

Going through the Sync Replication setup, I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly and easily an environment could be protected with a zero RPO and near-zero-RTO SLA. This is paramount for mission critical workloads. Even better is the failover process – with a simple click of the mouse, a failover can be initiated. No longer are a team of specialists needed to coordinate this task, but rather a single generalist can do it. Matt Crape, IT Manager, C3 Group Inc.

Capabilities of DP / DR solution includes:

  • Snapshots as first line of defense. Tintri provides space-efficient snapshots that take only seconds to create—storing only changed data blocks, with no performance impact. Default snapshot schedules protect every VM automatically; custom schedules allow users to meet specific data protection needs.
  • Fast recovery. With Tintri you can restore at the VM, vDisk, folder or file level with a single click. And Tintri provides a test environment with local clones and replica snapshots at the secondary site without impacting production.
  • Flexible protection options. Recovery point objectives (RPO) of 1 minute, 15 minutes, or other desired levels can be set per-VM for asynchronous replication. And with Synchronous Replication, Tintri achieves Zero RPO and near-zero recovery time objectives (RTO) with manual or planned failovers.
  • Data security. Encryption of data at rest with AES-256 bit encryption offers real-time DP with no impact on application performance. Integration with Gemalto’s Safenet KeySecure via the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP) lets you cryptographically lock arrays and conform to the highest security standards and regulatory requirements.

“Our enterprise customers are always looking for ways to simplify their infrastructure—DP / DR is a great example of where Tintri can help,” said Kieran Harty, CTO and co-founder of Tintri. “Tintri offers the flexibility to fully integrate VMstores as primary and secondary storage, connect to Veeam or Commvault and even backup to public cloud. And when organizations use Tintri in integrated fashion, our virtual machine level operation ensures unmatched space savings and cost efficiencies with all the rich capabilities of primary storage.”

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About Tintri

Tintri offers an enterprise cloud infrastructure built on a public cloud-like web services architecture and RESTful APIs. Organizations use Tintri all-flash storage with scale-out and automation as a foundation for their own clouds—to build agile development environments for cloud native applications and to run mission critical enterprise applications. Only Tintri enables organizations to guarantee the performance of their applications, automate common IT tasks to reduce operating expenses, troubleshoot across their infrastructure, and predict their needs to scale—the underpinnings of a modern data center. That’s why leading cloud service providers and enterprises, including Comcast, Chevron, NASA, Toyota, United Healthcare and 20% of the Fortune 100 trust Tintri with enterprise cloud.


For more information, visit www.tintri.com and follow us on Twitter: @Tintri.


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