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Optimize Enterprise AI and Take the Lead in the Intelligence Revolution

Whether it’s file services for HPC, structured data analytics, or video surveillance, Tintri delivers performance that scales and streamlined management for your Enterprise AI workloads.

Unified Flash Storage for Midrange AI and Business Applications

Global demand for data-centric AI – including insights, analytics and action – continues to grow exponentially, fueled by a combination of human and machine-generated data. Explosive data growth, combined with the need for real-time analytics in the enterprise, is driving the demand for scalable, high-performance storage that’s optimized for AI work­loads. Today’s forward-looking organizations need an effective data strategy that can efficiently scale data – structured and unstructured – and utilize AI-driven processes to maximize the value of enterprise data.

Tintri IntelliFlash is a smart, unified storage portfolio that includes NVMe systems for high performance at scale, flexible flash and hybrid solutions, and concurrent multipro­tocol NAS and SAN support. IntelliFlash offers extremely low-latency that’s ideal for structured data analytics across call records, transaction records and consumer behavior data. Enterprises can now meet complex, large-scale file service requirements, realize cost-effective workload consolidation and unlock innovation in Enterprise AI.

Enterprise AI - Unified Flash Storage For Midrange AI And Business Applications
Effortless Workload Consolidation

Effortless workload consolidation

Tintri IntelliFlash supports the full spectrum of midrange Enterprise AI workloads using file and block protocols, offering a compelling consolidation platform for virtualized, native and containerized environments. Concurrent multiprotocol support enables you to reduce complexity and costs by eliminating separate SAN and NAS environments, associated administrative overhead and data center footprint.

Optimized performance that scales

Tintri IntelliFlash architecture makes full use of all storage media. Enterprise AI data is typically collected from multiple sources and is growing at a fast pace. Maintaining predictable performance at scale is a core requirement. Now you can scale Enterprise AI workloads to multiple petabytes without performance degradation through several patented IntelliFlash innovations and unique methods of virtualizing underlying storage for enhanced performance.

Enterprise AI - Optimized Performance That Scales
Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent analytics

Deep intelligence and intuitive tools help you maximize uptime, performance and operating efficiency. Tintri IntelliFlash provides cloud-based AI-driven analytics so you can optimize all Enterprise AI workloads, tapping into the collective experience of thousands of customers worldwide to accurately predict future requirements and resolve immediate problems before users are affected.

One consistent operating environment

All IntelliFlash systems run the same OS, with the same all-inclusive feature set and licensing model – which even includes capabilities offered with future OS releases. There’s no need for you to delay the benefits of advanced features or worry about post-deployment expenses. You can be much more responsive to business needs while also reducing your total cost of ownership.

Enterprise AI - One Consistent Operating Environment
Enterprise AI - Unstructured Data Management

Unstructured data management

DDN A³I is a breakthrough storage platform for data-intensive workloads at any scale. DDN A³I is complementary to Tintri IntelliFlash, providing fast, responsive data management for content residing in data lakes and other unstructured data repositories. Learn more about DDN A³I

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