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Tintri IntelliFlash Powers Idaho’s State Court System

The Idaho Supreme Court IT department is responsible for all IT services for the state’s judges, staff, and constituents. IT is an extremely important function of the supreme and district courts of Idaho. Providing support for all forty-four counties in the state, the department is responsible for ensuring a seamless, convenient experience for both judges and constituents – whether through email, database access or providing information to the public.


  •  Needed to transition IT infrastructure from a decentralized network model to a centralized, private cloud system
  • Maintaining continuous access during transition process


  • Tintri IntelliFlash


  • Seamless transition from data centers distributed across forty-four counties to a centralized on-premises private cloud for both IT and end-users
  • Real-time virtual VM visibility allows Idaho Supreme Court to lower operating expenses, proactively manage storage and maximize
  • Data deduplication rate of 35 to 40% on-site; 60 to 65% at disaster recovery site
  • Accommodation for future data growth and additional virtualization
Case Study - Idaho Supreme Court

“We’ve been extremely impressed with IntelliFlash… The user experience has been fantastic. Staff at the counties that have switched to our private cloud have not noticed any difference in their experience, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.”

Kristy Grabo
Head of Virtualization and Storage

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