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Greetings campers!

This week we have a treat in store! In addition to the exciting info and fun trivia that has been entertaining campers for generations here at Camp Tintri, we have Geek Out Scoutmasters Peter Purcell and Steve Phillips here to deliver a very special message about disaster preparedness!

Learn how to be an upstanding data administrator by preparing for anything in a live Geek Out event! Our scoutmasters will be reading from the Manual of Snapshots for Disaster Recovery so you know what to do in case disaster strikes!

Be sure to attend this extra-informative live demo Wednesday at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM GMT, all attendees will have a chance to win a Tintri-branded Nintendo Switch and you’ll get extra points towards the Camp Tintri prize packages! If you’re unable to attend, fear not! We’ll have an on-demand version available here after the show! It’ll have all the joy of watching the show live without having to worry whether you’re going to win a Nintendo Switch!

And to be a true Geek Out Scout, be sure to check out more info on our disaster protection and disaster recovery solutions so you come to the show prepared!

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More Ways to Win!

Make the odds be in your favor by signing up for one of our fun events or take to social media and let everyone know how much fun you’re having a #camptintri!

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