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Greetings campers!

Before setting up under the stars and waiting for a fireworks extravaganza during this week of Independence Day celebrations, why not spend the day having a nice leisurely stroll in the great outdoors and hike DevOps trail?

The DevOps trail may be a continuous loop, but you won’t be stuck in one if you choose Tintri VMstore as your organization’s data management solution! Streamline your processes, deploy hundreds of VMs in minutes, automate administrative tasks… the possibilities with Tintri are infinite! For more information check out our latest DevOps blog or our on-demand Geek Out featuring Tintri Camp Counselors John Davis and Steve Phillips!

And if you’re a fan of that Geek Out video you’re in luck! Camp Tintri Counselors Peter Purcell and Steve Phillips will be giving a show next week about how a Tintri Scout should always be prepared with snapshots for disaster prevention and recovery! Register today and get extra points for Camp Tintri prize packages!

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Make the odds be in your favor by signing up for one of our fun events or take to social media and let everyone know how much fun you’re having a #camptintri!

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