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What do the iPhone 6 and Tintri VMstore have in common?

January 29, 2015

InfoWorld 2015 Awards Technology of the YearThey both won Infoworld’s “2015 Technology of the Year Award”. This recognition puts Tintri in rarified air, on a list of awardees that includes Apple’s iPhone, Dell’s laptops, HTML 5, GitHub, and Docker. These are the products that are reshaping their markets, and changing the lives of users.

Tintri VMstore earned this distinction because it challenges the storage quo. While every other vendor forces users to muck around with dated, physical storage constructs, Tintri VMstore is built to enable organizations’ virtualization vision. And with >70% of workloads now virtualized, that resonates.

From Infoworld: “Tintri tosses old-fashioned terms like “LUN” and “volume” to the wayside and puts the VM at the center of storage management. Admins get an unencumbered view of VM performance, and storage management tasks operate directly on the level of virtual machines and virtual disks.”

Could we say it any better? Nope. Could we be any prouder of this accomplishment? Nope. It’s awesome to achieve “2015 Technology of the Year” status. Now, where’s the after party?

Paul Ferrill reviewed the Tintri VMstore T800 for InfoWorld. After seeing what he has to say about Tintri VMstore, it’s easy to see why we garnered their Technology of the Year award! The series of 9’s across the InfoWorld Scorecard and the Overall Score of 9.2 kind of speak for themselves.

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