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VDI at Cost and Scale: How Tintri Helped Kawasaki Streamline IT Operations

February 21, 2013

Leading motor manufacturer Kawasaki has a major U.S. manufacturing plant in Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s a gigantic facility – over two million square feet – and has over 700 employees. From that plant, Kawasaki distributes ATVs, personal watercraft, Mule and Teryx utility vehicles, and passenger railcars – essentially, all of the makings for a great weekend at the lake (or a miserable workday commute, if you’re a glass-half-empty kind of person).

Recently, Kawasaki resolved to replace its dated physical desktop computers with virtual desktops to improve the overall end-user experience. While the project initially worked as planned, Kawasaki soon ran into serious hurdles from its legacy Dell storage—which could not handle the workload posed by 100 virtual machines. As a result, Kawasaki looked for a modern storage solution that could easily handle virtualized workloads with no real drop-off in performance—and without a huge price tag, for that matter.

After evaluating a number of alternatives, they selected Tintri. According to the project lead, Tintri’s intuitive management console (which allows you to troubleshoot on a per-VM basis to efficiently locate/isolate performance issues) and cost-effective price per workload were the major selling points.

“When you’re managing the entire IT environment for an organization of our size and scope, time and simplicity are of the utmost importance,” said Paul Kramer, Assistant Manager at Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., USA. “Tintri’s approach to managing storage for VDI – and virtualized environments in general – is incredibly efficient, and we’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of capacity. It has drastically reduced the cost and complexity that we’d previously dealt with in managing our VDI project, and it’s allowed us to accelerate the deployment of new virtual desktops with no performance drop-off whatsoever.”



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